Don't have a need for it.. But want it!


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This is AWESOME!

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I have absolutely no need for this, but man! I'd love to have one to play with!

I'd end up shooting the grappling hook up over something, but since I've sort of let myself go, I'd just have a rope haning off a wall. For me, I'd say it'd be good for an "Instant Rope Swing", but that's about it. No Batman moves for me....
Really now

its gotta be good for something...somewhere...sometime...sooner...or later......

...doesn't it? :confused:
I guess if you're out of ammo, a whack in the head with a 50 pound quad hook wouldn't be to comfortable. At least it'll buy you some time to reload your magazine.
With my luck, I'd get the hook stuck everytime I shot it......You would drive by my house and see 27 hooks stuck up in the trees with a short piece of rope attached.......
we have one very simular to that at work but it fires a personal floatation device attached to a rope. takes up to 3000 lbs of compressed air to fire 75 yds. we pulled it out to train on it the other day i wasnt impressed with its performance:(

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