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Back in what seems like eons ago, the now defunct Link Removed website had a great map of New York State, that showed all of the counties and whether they were restrictive, may-issue, or shall-issue. Does anyone know of a place where this map still exists?

If not, I would like to make one for use here on So, please post what you know about your county and surrounding counties. I think is would be good to gather the following information:

County Name
County Judge's Name
Judge's Party
County's Issue Status
Address of County's online info about permits (if it exists).

I'd be happy to create a county map of the state, color coded to the status and provide to Luke for posting in the New York area of this site. I think it would be a great addition. Considering the willy-nilly nature of how New York State lets county judges issue permits based on their whim, listing NY as a may-issue state doesn't provide a complete picture.


Cortland County:
Judge: William F. Ames (unrestricted)
Judge Julie A. Campbell (?)
Party: unknown
Website: Link Removed

I would call this county Shall-issue. I received an unrestricted licensce from Judge Ames with relatively little pain. Julie Jenkins, the permit clerk is an absolut joy to deal with and can answer anyone's questions. She can be reached throught the county clerk's office.

Awesome!! Where did you find the map?? This give me a great place to start for a new map on USA Carry, presuming Luke is agreeable to it. I'll create a higher resolution map and send to him asking if it can be included in the NY section. Thanks Stevtrains!
OK, here is what I have so far. I'll add a legend next. Does anyone have any updates to this? Particularly for the counties that are still in grey - can anyone tell me whether they are more shall-issue, or more may-issue?

Rensselaer County New York

Rensselaer County

County Court Judge: Patrick McGrath (Democrat)

Judge McGrath requires attendance at a safety course taught by NRA certified Instructors in addition to all background checks and personal references.

New permits are issued restricted to target and hunting. Requests to have the restrictions lifted and a full carry permit issued will be considered by the Judge. An advanced NRA Certified Instructor training course is required, during which proficiency and safety with your carry firearm must be demonstrated to the instructors.
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I believe for your map that Stueben and Schyler counties should be green. I know people that had no problem obtaining a carry permit in both counties. I am working on getting mine in Chemung. Will keep you posted.
Chemung County

Chemung County:
Judge: Peter Buckley
Party: unknown
Website: Could not find one

I received unrestricted. I've been told by scads of people that they can't believe I got unrestricted because this judge rarely ever gives that out. All I did was add a letter to the judge stating my reasons why I thought I should have it and I guess it worked. I would consider this county a may-issue county not a shall issue county based on most peoples reaction.

Chemung County:
Judge: Peter Buckley
Party: unknown
Website: Could not find one

I received unrestricted. I've been told by scads of people that they can't believe I got unrestricted because this judge rarely ever gives that out. All I did was add a letter to the judge stating my reasons why I thought I should have it and I guess it worked. I would consider this county a may-issue county not a shall issue county based on most peoples reaction.


Could you share the reasons you used that worked? I am applying in Onondaga County in March. Thx!
Time to update the map. Broome County now issues LTC or CCW permits after attendance of an approved class. Judge Cawley is the issuing judge and has lifted the 36 year ban on CCW privileges....

Fantastic news from Broome County!! I will certainly update the map! That is awesome! Once I update it, and add a legend, I'll forward it on to Luke to ask if he might consider including it on the NY page.
Thank you rheaj.

That was a great feature at It helped me to understand the process and make realistic expectations of the ny reality.
Here is the latest version of the map. What do you all think? Any more changes before I send it to Luke?
I can nt add any thing to it. Looks good to me. The problem is with the elections. We just got a Democrat Sheriff and he and new Democrat judge working on restricting permits in Cayuga county. Not sure what the current status is have only heard rumors. The sheriff office will not answer question on phone either.
I am looking to move from Schenectady Count to St. Lawrence County. I have several handguns on my license and they are all on my wife's license as well. We have the restriction "Hunting and target" printed on them.
Other WEB info I have found worry me. Here is a quote.

"St. Lawrence County Judge Jerome Richards states that there is no statutory authority for
concealed carry licenses yet Penal Law 400 clearly authorizes, under types of licenses, “have and
carry concealed, without regard to employment or place of possession”. Judge Richards refuses to
issue unrestricted concealed carry licenses and has gone as far as to create a new class of
restricted carry license called “Outdoor Sports License” that allows concealed carry when engaged
in various outdoor activities including “berry picking”.

I saw the map that showed St. Lawrence County as green - shall issue. Anybody have any first or second hand news???
after takeing the RPD course and thank you Dave for your work in helping us Broome County residents getting our ccw permits. i had sent a letter to judge Cawley and he Did ask to speek to me in person , it was not a problem in what i wrote but part of my response in the letter was, as to where i would carry, i stated any were legal to do so in NYS. that was not good enough response , Judge Cawley wants to be assured you are not goin to carry when goin to places like the drug store . out to dinner, grocery shopping,he does not feel that is a reason to carry ccw.... he stated if you are hunting ,fishing, camping like in a non cell phone area he would approve.
i was approved for my ccw..
Cortland County

Here is some updated information for Cortland County. Based on my own experience, it remains a shall-issue county!

Eligibility Requirements:

* Over 21 years of age (age requirement does not apply to those honorably discharged from the military).
* Is of good moral character and has not been convicted of a "serious" offense (inc. violations and misdemeanors as set forth in section 265.00 Subd. 17, PL.).
* States if and when treatment received for a mental illness.
* Has "no good cause" existing for denial of the license".


* $10.00 application fee due at the time the application is given out.
* $105.25 fee for fingerprint processing due upon return of the completed application.
* $3.00 fee for each handgun amendment to the license.
* $5.00 fee for issuing a duplicate or replacement card.

Application Process: The Handgun License Clerk, Julie Easton, is very helpful, and can answer any questions about completing the application. Although the written application instructions say otherwise, I asked and was told that they would accept character references from surrounding counties if you do not have enough from within Cortland County.

If you live within the Cortland City limits, you can have you fingerprints taken by the Cortland City Police. All other county residents should go to the Cortland County Jail to have their fingerprints taken. You will need to schedule an appointment, but there is no fee to have the fingerprinting done at the County Jail. Photos for the application can be done at the County Clerk’s Office for $10.00. Furthermore, they will also notarize the completed application for free when you drop it off.

An investigation will be conducted of all statements required in the application, including fingerprints and physical descriptive data of the applicant. One copy of prints will be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a search of their criminal records. Once your FBI check is completed, a NY State Police Investigator will contact you for a face-to-face interview. Assuming there is nothing turned up during the FBI, the interview should be a brief review of your application. Next, the investigator will contact the four character references listed on your application. Once that task is completed, the investigator will submit a report to the issuing County Judge, and the judge will make a final decision on your application.

Once the license is issued, you will have one year to complete a 10-hour, NRA-certified handgun safety course, and submit proof of this to the County Clerk’s Office. Failure to comply will result in the revocation of your license. Law enforcement and military personnel are exempt from this requirement.

Process Time: I was told it would likely take 90-120 days when I submitted my application in February 2009. However, it only took approximately 80 days from when I submitted my completed application to when I received notification in the mail that my application had been approved.

Restrictions: It seems that most persons that have applied for an unrestricted license have received them. As of 2009, both current County Judges (Ames & Campbell) will issue an unrestricted license.

Purchasing: With an approved license, you can obtain a pre-signed coupon to purchase a handgun. Each coupon costs $3.00, and is good for 1 handgun. The coupon is only valid for the license holder, and expires 10 days after issued. Unused and/or expired coupons must be returned to the County Clerk within 20 days of issuance. Failure to do this will result in you losing the privilege of getting future pre-approved coupons, and may include revocation of your handgun license. You can take your coupon to any FFL dealer within the state, purchase your handgun, and immediately take the handgun with you. However, within 10 days of purchase you must take the Bill of Sale for the handgun to the County Clerk and have the handgun added to your license. Again, failure to do so will result in revocation of you license. The county now uses plastic photo-ID cards, and will print a new license with your registered handguns listed on the back.

Personal Experience: Overall, it was a relatively painless process, and I did not have any difficulty obtaining a license without restrictions. All the people I dealt with at the Cortland County Clerk’s Office, the County Jail, and the NY State Police Office were very professional and efficient.

Where to go: Link Removed
Missing in Action map?

Here is the latest version of the map. What do you all think? Any more changes before I send it to Luke?

Can someone post the latest map again please? All I'm getting is a clear.gif image.

I just turned in my paperwork to Genesee County on 5/29 and by 6/3 the references had their affidavit's in the mail. Cool. So far, so good.

I will update the progress and process once I've made it through the minefield.


Here is the latest version of the map. I've tried to incorporate the suggestions I've received from various posters, although some of the comments were contradictory. I've tried to err on the side of caution and indicate the more restrictive color in those cases.

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