Costco has a no firearms policy!


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No sign at the Greensboro location. If the sign is up in NC, it is binding. I will carry until told otherwise, at which point I will cancel my membership. I hope it doesn't come to that...I love me some Costco.


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That link threw up the same red flag for me as for the fellow in the blog linked below. My only question is that if Costco does have such a policy why did they seem to go to so much trouble to hide it and why does it seem that many stores do not have the required signs. I am not a member of Costco since there isn't one close by so it doesn't involve me but it is something to think about.

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money: Costco and Guns

Amy Blackthorn

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I've stopped shopping at Costco for several years due to the anti-firearms policy as well as some other issues I've had with them. Sam's Club seems to be able to supply me well and has no problem with me having my guns in their stores.

BJ's Wholesale is happy to have me AND my (openly carried) gun.

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