Cost Of Ammo Shoots Up


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I know this is not something that most of us here did not already know but I thought I would post it.

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Of Ammo Shoots Up
Lead, Copper Drive Bullet Costs Up

POSTED: 7:40 am CDT June 2, 2008
UPDATED: 7:54 am CDT June 2, 2008

Gas, food -- and now bullets, too.

Add ammo to your list of things that are getting a lot more expensive. Gun enthusiasts and police departments are finding it costs more to fire a few practice rounds.

Prices for lead and copper are rising and demand is going up thanks to the U.S. military's need for more ammo. The cost for some calibers has increased more than 70 percent in two years.

Ashland, Va., police spokesman Cpl. James Shelhorse said his department has scaled back firing range practice. Other departments are stockpiling ammo to avoid bullet holes in their budgets.

yes it is a sick feeling when every time you go to buy ammo it costs more than the last time you bought it.
That's why I decided to reload rifle calibers along with the pistol and shotgun that I already's the least expensive option...

That is why I reload my own ammo,so far a lot cheaper. I buy in bulk when I can and go to different areas where people shot and pick up the brass I need.:sly:
Echoing that from Spokane, WA LEO budget.

Cost of ammo has SPD biting the bullet.
Spokane Police Firearms Training.
SPOKANE -- The Spokane Police Department must pay more to fire away, a whole lot more.
Bullets are about double what they cost two years ago. And it seems like the city has no choice but to pay. The price of what bullets are made of is skyrocketing. (Why?)
And to make matters worse, lead, brass and copper are in shrinking supply. (Why?)
So what police used to pay for a case of bullets $113, is now $208.
$100,000 is already spent annually on ammunition for city police, and that cost is only expected to go up. (Why?)
KREM 2 News learned the department will start buying bullets once a year, instead of every few months, because prices increase throughout the year, by as much as 10-percent at a time. (like gas?)
The department also uses less expensive types of ammunition in certain training to conserve top dollar bullets. (Good idea or do Chi-com rounds work fine?)
Friday, June 6, 2008
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[Making every round worth the paperwork hours it takes 2 file a report & taking the LEO shooter of his/her beat doing just that] If doubling ammo costs effect this small city I would venture to say the same crunch is effecting your local P & S fellas, or is the next step re-loads, 4 practice no-big, but if my life depends on a good fresh round I guess we have another tax-hike heading our way

Canis-Lupus :94:
I'm off-setting the price of ammo with a 4 point strategy:

1. More dry practice, less live fire
2. .22lr upper for my AR15
3 .22lr conversion kit, once Sig is ready to ship them, for my Sig P229
4. More reloading

I read an article by Masaad Ayoob that showed where ammo prices aren't really that bad relative to most other items. In the last 50 years, a lot of things, including guns, have gone up in price 10x. Ammo is actually closer to 3x as expensive as it used to be.
I agree reloading saves money. Plus it's a lot of fun. However, that price is going up somewhat as well.
It looks like I'm going to have to take a third (yes, a third) job just to pay for all the ammo I need. Either that or cut back on some things such as food or clothing:confused3:
Reload your own!

I have been an avid reloader for 33 + years. I reload for everything I own, except my .25 Automatic. I shoot a lot of .40 S&W which I can still reload for 14 cents per round. I pick up once fired cases at my local range. I buy bullets in quantity, the last batch was 3,000 Montana 155 grain JHP's at 8 cents apiece. Primers are 3 cents and powder (Blue Dot) is about 3 cents per round.

A general rule of thumb is that reloading saves me about 50 % of the cost of my ammo. I probably don't save anything, I just shoot a lot more for the same cost!!! That becomes significant with 30/06, 270 Winchester, (both take 54 Grains of IMR4350). and .300 Winchester Magnum (71 Grains of IMR4350).

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