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I just want to say "Thanks" for setting up a great website. My students always ask me where to go to get up to date concealed carry info.

It looks like we found the right place!

I'll try and make a commitment to post real-life useful articles that will help everyone become more knowledgeable and comfortable carrying a concealed weapon.

Training is extremely important. When the stuff hits the fan, our training kicks in - otherwise, panic, fear, and indecision takes over.

I fear that too many people take the required course to get their concealed carry permit and think that's all they need. Watching Clint Eastwood and John Wayne has taught them everything they need to know from that point on.

Having been in two confrontations where I've had to draw my weapon taught me that I needed more training. I sought the training, and over the years, became an instructor in several disciplines.

Because of what I've been through and have learned, I decided that the cost of the training should be affordable to everyone; so I've lowered the prices of my classes to almost half of what most other instructors charge.

My Concealed Carry class incorporates my police and security training techniques as well as real life experiences and lessons learned by actual victims who faced the unimaginable and lived to tell about it.

I look forward to sharing and exchanging info with everyone.


Another Colo Guy

Hi Dennis.

Just wondering if you or another reader can tell us what happened to the Colo Concealed Carry Site.

It was good to be able to tell when and where the next matchs in Colorado were scheduled to be held.

I'll be checking in here quite often. I anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Hello Colorado folks
I'm new here looks like this could be a great site.
Hey Dennis--looking forward to your Concealed Carry Class--be sure to let me know when it's scheduled.
Skye--Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has got all the info on their site for CC in Colo. You can check them out at RMGo_Org. It's a good org. to join also.
Looking forward to some good stuff on this site
Colorado reciprocity

A few months back the governor of Colorado signed a bill that no longer recognized out of state concealed weapons permits, where the person was not a resident of the issuing state. I'm a California resident, and I have a California CCW, but Colorado doesn't reciprocate with California. I've had a Utah and Florida non-res permit for a while now, and I used to be allowed to carry in Colorado with my Utah, but no longer. My California permit was the toughest to get, with the most stringent requirements I've seen, but because of politics, (California doesn't recognize any other state for reciprocity) many other states including Colorado don't accept California permits.
Does anyone know if this may change? I have a good friend that lives in Durango, and I'd like to be able to carry during my visits. Any info on this would be appreciated. Is there a possibility of getting a non-res permit for Colorado itself? Just seems there should be a way to be legal there while visiting. Thanks, Bersa
As it stands now you are out of luck. Because of politics, sensationalism, etc., there are a lot of people like you that are not allowed to exercise their right of self defense in Colorado. The only option available is to move to another state that has reciprocity with Colorado. Then, there is the open carry option but you have to be very careful when exercising this right and it's not always a good option. You and everyone affected by this should write to the Colorado Tourism Office ( [email protected] ) and/or
( Link Removed ) . Tell them you will not come there and why. Money talks. Also write to the State representatives.
A few months back the governor of Colorado signed a bill that no longer recognized out of state concealed weapons permits, where the person was not a resident of the issuing state.

I'm in a similar boat as you. I have a FL permit, which would be of use to me in CO if I was a resident of FL, but I'm from New Jersey, where it's next to impossible to get a carry permit unless you're former LEO. To the best of my knowledge (since I have researched it somewhat), CO does not issue permits to non-residents. So I guess I'll just have to move to Colorado!

Surprisingly, this bill was signed into law during the time I was at Front Sight.
good show

Kuddos to whomever trained the "volunteer" security guard at the Colorado Springs church that was terrorized by the recent shooting. From the story as I have read it, the lady used her own weapon to go after andtake down the shooter. Talk about a "sheepdog", we surely need more just like her! She needs 10 times more ink than she is getting.
Very good indeed her training saved lives. Does CO have a law prohibiting conceal carry in a place of worship like AR does?
No Co does not have a law like that. Can't carry on fed property,courthouses,schools and such. Other than that --if it's not posted --it's ok to carry. I'll bet some of the states that say no CC in church may be looking to change that law soon. I'm not a church goer at all but if I was--I'd be carrying. If carrying was illegal--I wouldn't go to church.:)
can i carry in colorado, with a pa resident permit?

Hi, my hubby is military and we recently moved to colorado springs. I was wondering if we are allowed to carry with our pa (resident) permit? I have seen some sites that say YES, but if you could provide a link from maybe the courthouse or something like that, it would be benificial, since we like to carry the paper work with us as well as our handguns. Thanks
I have a quick question. I live in Ga and I do have a ccp, I understand that Co honors that permit as long as I live in the state of the permit. but my question is what are the laws in Co as far as carring goes. can I carry into a store or can I carry open, or on to national forrest where I will be hunting. I know that is alot but if any of you have any info to help this knothead...thanks
The law regarding carrying while hunting is that you can carry a sidearm while hunting as long as it is not concealed. It does not mention if you can conceal the weapon if you have a CCW permit. This is a regulation out of the CO Division of Wildlife hunting regs. It appears that you are fine to carry concealed in CO with your resident GA permit according to the reciprocity info on this site. Hope this helps.
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thanks elkhuntco, that helps. I tried to research myself but the info seemed alittle ascure. thanks again.

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