Choosing a 1911 to buy

I've owned a Para P-14, .45 since they first became available.

It has never failed once. Never, Ever, Ever.

I have 2 Colt .45 1911s, one factory, one private dealer built from parts, no problems with either of them, I've fired them both for 30 some odd years, no snags, no catches, attached my favored grips and sights - my only concessions, love them both, would never trade them for anything.
As you can see there are a lot of good suggestions. My personal favorite is the Kimber Ultra Carry. I've had mine for several years and it's my primary carry weapon. I also have a Colt Defender and a SIG P229 both are also great guns. Good luck on your choice.
Taurus PT1911 gets my vote. 1200+ rounds without a hiccup. And it's far more accurate than I am. I bought the stainless model. Quite handsome firearm. I don't carry it, I've got another Taurus product for that, but I would trust it with my life.

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