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has anyone heard anything about SLED updating the State page for Reciprocity?

I had the idea of contacting my rep... (who ever the heck got voted in last time) and putting him/her on it but as with most things didn't get around to it. Look down a ways for the AG post and you'll see that contacting the state AG is a waste of time.

I would suggest that one or more of us on this list try and put a fire under our elected representatives to get this done. That is one of their jobs. He was not one of my favorite people but this was one of the things Strom Thurmond was famous for... not so much him but the folks that worked for him if they got a call about a problem some one was having with local or state government ... it got fixed.

True story... read about how the first Black Federal Judge since 'reconstruction' was appointed back in the 60's. I can't remember his name at the moment (my bad) but he was a black lawyer in S.C. was the defense lawyer in a murder trial and right in the middle of the thing the judge sitting on the bench gets a note... the Judge gets a funnly look and tells everyone they are going to recess for a while... then calls the lawyer up and says there is someone out in the parking lot wants to talk with you. Strom is sitting in his car out in the parking lot and has the guy get in with him and ask him if he wants to be a Federal Judge... what ever committee he was sitting on at the time... He was the man who was going to appoint the new fed judges and he wanted a black man.

So, somebody start hounding our politicians about this. I'd do it, but am headed out of town for a while.
I'll make some calls/email and post what I find out. I know three of our legislators personally and I'll try to get in contact with them. It's hard to catch these guys...;)
It's in work. One of the sponsors of the bill is going to meet with SLED and find out what they are doing. He was out of the state when the vote came up and he said he hasn't had time to review the final wording. Hopefully I should know something in a few days/weeks. ;)
I talked with a CWP instructor who si also a LEO last week and he said that SLED is working with 10 states but did not know if all would be included or not. He said that at least 7 would be but did not know which ones but something should be posted this week or next week at the latest. The final agreements are being looked over and waiting to be signed but did not think any had been signed yet.
are they waiting to update all states at one time, or each as they are confirmed?
Originally the bill was to recognize all permits but they reverted back and relaxed the training requirement. So it will be a couple States at a time. According to my source Florida should be on the short list. Florida was the main reason they introduced the bill. Unless they get another bill passed Georgia will never be a reciprocal State. BTW, I'm still waiting on him to get back with me. Hopefully soon!
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I have been given indication from several sources than WV will be on the "Short List" as well
I read somewhere, possibly here on this site, that regardless of which States SC established reciprocity with, they will only be recognizing Resident permits, not Non-Resident permits. As a result, my Non-Res Florida Permit won't be worth any more in SC than it is now. Is that correct, as far as anybody knows?
You are correct. Nothing changed as far as SC not recognizing non-resident permits. So they still won't be honored...
I just heard we lost Virginia. I think it was about Virginia requiring 24 checks thru SLED and SLED is not open to them on a 24 hour basis.

We can still carry in VA, but VA will continue to not be able to cary in SC.

Still no update on the State Page...
Correction, We can no longer carry in VA... Way to go SLED...
I hope they work that out quickly...
Correction, We can no longer carry in VA... Way to go SLED...
I hope they work that out quickly...
No...way to go VA. I still don't know what the advantage there is to having a check available 24-7. VA now only has four States that they recognize. They dropped a lot of States.

The Latest from SC Grass Roots:

Ok, here is the straight scoop so far.

VCDL sent out an alert that VA dropped recognition of SC permits
because VA claimed SC doesn't have a 24/7 system of permit verification.

I called SLED Regulatory and they said we DO have a 24/7 system of
permit verification.

I emailed the VA state police (and CC'd VCDL) to let them know SLED
Regulatory says SC does in fact have such a system.

I received this reply from Tom Lambert of VSP:
Dear Mr. Rentiers:

Thank you for your email. The original information regarding 24/7
verification was provided by both Capt Drakeford of SLED Regulatory
and by message from the SC Communication center. Based on your contact
we have re-contacted Capt Drakeford at SLED who indicated that they
may have been mistaken in their initial response and will verify the
availability for 24/7 verification shortly. I will contact you with
their response.

Tom Lambert

Hopefully this means we will at least get VA Recognition back, and
perhaps even full Reciprocity.

We are now left to wonder why/how SLED gave out erroneous information
to Virginia officials in the first place. Capt Drakeford is the person
replacing Capt Cliff Weir at Regulatory who retired recently.

Sounds like a bunch of BS and no one knowing what is going on, but that is typical. I think it is probably more like SLED didn't have a idea what VA was aking for but who knows. It was also just reported that WV is also on the list waiting for legal terminology to be verified.

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