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Anyone have one? Shot one? Know someone who knows someone who's uncle had one?

I'm considering one for my next firearms purchase.

I do not own a CETME (or G3). Having said that, Century has a "reputation" which is mostly bad. CETME's have poor ergonomics (ex: difficult magazine release) and are a bitch to clean.

I think you'd have a better experience with a FAL (DSA out of Illinois makes good ones) or an AR-10.
I own century G3A3

Anyone have one? Shot one? Know someone who knows someone who's uncle had one?

I'm considering one for my next firearms purchase.

It is a good rifle for the money.

Check the bolt gap and if it is out refuse it. If the bolt has grinder marks refuse it.

Other wise they can't really screw it up.
What is good for $1,000 or under other than a CAI brand rifle?

Thank you for the info, festus. I will look into how to check the bolt gap.
As for a CETME under $1K, you would probably have to go with CAI. But there are plenty of decent semi-auto rifles out there for under $1000. If you don't have your heart absolutely set on a CETME, I would look around at other options if I were you.

S&W has a deal right now, if you buy an AR-15 you get 5 free 30 round P-mags. I picked my M&P15 up for under $900 not too long ago.
Centerfire Systems has several AK variants for around $500. I would recommend getting a Bulgarian AK-74 or a Tantal if you're into the 5.45 round. Stay away from WASR's though.
Look around on Gunbroker or Gunsamerica, there is some good deals right now. All the people who bought piles of "assault rifles" for investment are mostly selling them cheap because the Obama scare is over and the economy is down.
Honestly I am looking for something with an 18+ in barrel, chambered in .308 Winchester (or comparable), with a detachable mag / aftermarket available 20+ round mags. Semi auto preferably, but open to anything. Really just looking for a new toy, and I don't have 400+ yards to shoot at so nothing too precision geared. 1-1.5" groups @ 100 yards are mildly acceptable to me for a rifle of this purpose.

I do not want a .223, otherwise I'd have gotten myself one of the new Ruger Ranch target models. Those are some excellent rifles but the .223 is not acceptable by my standards at all.

Any other suggestions? And thanks again everybody for your input!
I"ve owned an H&K 91, hence 93/43 clone in semi auto for years.

The most critical part for bolt gap is the locking rollers being larger than spec'd and forces the locking mech into a rearward position thus creating bolt gap.

If the gun is new, It shouldn't be a problem, but the wear on those points is going to create a non-flush set of rollers. You should replace them and or the bolt about 5,000 rounds, even in the H&K.

I'm not crazy about this particular rifle, although I'd never sell or trade mine in.

The fals built by CAI seem to be pretty good. so far have 3 friends, and a brother who own one and they shoot great, with no problems. They were all purchased for under a grand.
Well, I checked a few out in some stores yesterday and it turns out, I don't like them. The receivers are clearly cast material and they just look and feel "cheap". I guess I'll spring for a real FAL. :(
I'm already jealous. :biggrin: I wish I could afford an FN FAL. I'm sure you won't regret springing for the real thing.
I have owned bothe the FAL (clone) and the HK91 (clone)

My FAL was a I built it Franken-gun. It was accurate and it was very expensive to get parts and magazines for.

I liked shooting it too much!!!!!

I always wanted the HK91 for its ability to shrug off crud and remain accurate. It is not as accurate as the FAL but it is more durable and the magazines can be had for about 2-3 bucks each. That makes them nearly expendable and much more cost effective.

I also have extensive experience with AR type platforms (retired military) and would venture to say there is a lot of stuff you can do with a HK91 or HK 91 clone that you cannot do with any other battle rifle. It was the chosen rifle of the SEALS and some other high speed low drag operators for a number of years until the Pentagon shoved the AR platform down their throats for resupply and a host of other dumb reasons I will not go into here.

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