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Myth: People with concealed weapons permits will commit crimes!

Fact: The results for the first 30 states that passed “shall-issue” laws for concealed carry permits are similar.

Fact: The general public is:
5.7 times more likely to be arrested for violent offenses than CCW permit holders.

13.5 times more likely to be arrested for non-violent offenses than the than CCW permit holders.

Fact: In Texas, the general public is 14 more likely to commit a crime than a CCW permit holder. They are also five times more likely to commit a violent crime.

Fact: Even gun control organizations agree it is a non-problem, as in Texas- “because there haven’t been Wild West shootouts in the streets”.

Fact: Of 14,000 CCW licensees in Oregon, only 4 (0.03%) were convicted of the criminal (not necessarily violent) use or possession of a firearm.

Fact: In Florida, a state that has allowed concealed carry since late 1987, you are twice as likely to be attacked by an alligator as by a person with a concealed carry permit.

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I looked over the report and couldn't find one stat that I would like to see. It compared several states on the CCW/CWP/CHP stats but I think all of them that it gave stats on were those that require some kind of training course. In GA I am pretty sure all that is required is a backgroud check so if the stats for GA are the same as those for SC or other states then that should point out that the required training doesn't do any good. Does anyone have those stats?
I think this is more about mindset then training. Most ccw holders are law abiding, is what they are pointing out.
Hey Ed: I know that when I am CC, I am a great deal more careful about any and all traffic laws, which IMO are the prime areas where I could see an interface with an LEO. I consider it a privilege to be permitted and a responsibility that I do not take lightly and that responsibility tells me to obey all the laws, whether I like them or not or whether I like a particular LEO or not or his behaviour toward me. If I have a problem, I will go to the Chief after the incident but I will not, in any way, shape, or form carry on any kind of "anti-dialog" with an LEO while I am CC. IMO--it is just wrong----and dangerous, as some of our anti LEO forum members would loudly say.
Historically, these laws were passed to disarm abolitionists(at first) and later the just freed slaves after the Civil War.

They represent the last vestige of "Jim Crow."

These laws had nothing to do with crime. Never did.
If you did not need a permit, would these stats change?

Arizona for example.( I like Arizona law! :biggrin:)

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