Bystander Killed By Police In Southern California


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A 21-year-old bystander who police mistakenly believed was a robbery suspect was killed by officers during a shootout at a pizza parlor, authorities said Monday.

Officers and two armed robbers exchanged gunfire at a Papa John's Pizza outlet on Sunday night in Chino, 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, police said.

Daniel Baledran, of Rubidoux, died after he was shot by officers. He was ruled out as a suspect Monday based on the statements of witnesses and officers, said Chino police spokeswoman Michelle Van Der Linden.

The two suspects exchanged several rounds with police and both were hospitalized with critical injuries, police said. A Chino police officer also suffered gunshot wounds but was in stable condition Monday, officials said.

Shots were fired both inside and outside the restaurant, and shell casings and drops of blood were scattered about the scene, according to Van Der Linden.

He did not have a gun but yet was shot. Wow CA police are really good at the jobs they do. Second Unarmed Person to be shot in just a few months. Wounder if they shot this guy in the back like they did with the last guy. They are vary vary lucky that this was not a colored person again. Or we would have marching in the street.

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It is unfortunate that this occured.... I'm sure it wasn't the intent of the officer to shoot an unarmed man. In the heat of a gun fight with armed suspects, adrenaline levels are off the charts. Accidents can and sometimes do occur.
Yes, But the point is if this had been a Citizen it would be a call to arms to pass more gun laws and pull permits/ do away with permits all together. The fact that it was a LEO it will be marked as in the line of duty and nothing more will happen. Take away the badge and see what would happen if this was you or Me in a gun battle with bad guys and you shot a unarmed man. The line
In the heat of a gun fight with armed suspects, adrenaline levels are off the charts. Accidents can and sometimes do occur.
Would not cut it. This is yet again another point of LEO's being Exempt from stuff. Yes they will look into the matter but in the end LEO will take care of their own. That is till the law suits start in Civ court. It's just funny when people talk about passing laws for gun control they always make the point "it will turn into the wild west" unarmed people will be hurt in the gun fight. If they look at all the facts in most/all SD shootings we hit what we aim at. Now look at the numbers of LEO SD shootings? You tell me if the numbers add up. If any thing we should be passing more gun control laws for LEO. Put into place more training.
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In our CHL classes we always stress the four laws of gun safety. One of which is know your target and what is behind it. Students are taught that they are responsible for every round that comes out of their gun. Having spent a little time in law enforcement I will have to say there is a double standard in cases like this especially the way the press deals with it. We may not agree with it but that is the world we live in. In part it is due to the anti gun politicians, press and others that would like to see us disarmed. Truth be known many of them would in fact like to see the police disarmed also.
I do not think the answer is disarming. But if and when some nut case does get a bill/law passed doing just that. I say do it across the board none of this BS will leo can keep their guns as they have had training. Do it across the board or not at all.

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