Bottom Line, DON'T POINT A GUN!

Fake or real, you're bound to get shot!

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This young man is very fortunate to be alive," said Thomas Nee, president of the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association. "He's an idiot to challenge an armed, uniformed police officer with a fake gun."

I would say this pretty much sums it up. What a goober.
He is not smart and not the last to be shot over a toy gun.Some have been killed as young as 7 by policemen and what a life for that young cop.
I would call that action assisted suicide. why would you point a toy gun at a cop with a real gun unless you wanted to get shot?
Speaking of stupid...

"We were just trying to relax," said Craig Ledwith, 20, a UMass-Boston student. "I guess this is what happens when you live in a dangerous city."
No, moron. Although the LEO had no way of realizing it, there was no "danger" here. The guy that got shot was just a classic idiot...that's all it takes. It's the same as if he had jumped out in front of a moving bus.
Sometimes I really wonder what in the world some people are thinking when they do what they do. I refuse to believe that this guy was in his right mind when he did this. He had to have been either intoxicated or high on drugs when he did t his.
Bottom line, don't point a gun

In Indianapolis one time, a long-time veteran of the Indianapolis PD of over 20 years was exiting his marked vehicle at a drug store on the near North side, when he heard gunshots. He turned to see a man walking toward him, firing a handgun. The lieutenant took cover behind his patrol car and returned fire, disabling the shooter. Sadly, one of his rounds ended up entering a house down the street, ricocheting off a refrigerator and putting out a 5-year old boy's eye. The Indianapolis News roasted the officer, with headlines that screamed cop shoots child with toy gun. Nothing muh was said about the 5-year old, and the city settled out of court on that injury. The 'child' the News was crying about was a 16-year old developmentally disabled boy who stood 6'3" and weighed almost 250 pounds. The toy gun was a .22 calibre starter pistol. THe News really roasted the department when it ruled the shooting of the kid with the starter pistol was a justified shooting. The officer was not punished for the events, but was assigned to remedial firearms training.

This has been many, many years ago, but the News was demonstrating how far left it could lean.

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