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I am thinking about getting a laser sight for my FNH five seveN. In your experience, what is the best, brightest and most reliable laser sight for the money. And why???

I know there are pro's and con's to laser sights and if I decide I don't like it, I can always put it on Craigs list or ebay.

Thanks for your input in advance.

Speedbump...I have a Veridian. When I was researching lasers for my Glock I found that green are the best than red so I got myself one. It made me crazy at first because I can shoot better without it so I did not use it for a while and it became my dog's treat toy at night in our backyard. You can see green better in daylight but not really on grass on a bright day...common sense but I tried it anyway wanting to bait my dog. Sometimes I use it on my gun, but I think I need more practice with mine so it is just laying down the window sill for a while until my dog wants me to play with him. Some will say it is a good idea to have one...I do not think I have the need to. To me it is just a toy. Just my opinion....
Thanks TMom, I was wondering what the difference would be between green and red. I have seen several different ones, since a lot of my buddies come over to shoot. Some can't be seen hardly at all in direct sunlight and a few were quite easy to see. I hate buying something to find out that it just doesn't work like I expected.

I was reading the article by Vn Philips about eyesight and aging. He said he tried a laser and his accuracy doubled. My eyes with contacts are fine, I just can't hold still like when I was younger. And I don't want to have to drink a half gallon of Crown to steady my nerves before going out back to shoot. I thought the laser might be the way to go. Save the Crown for later.
IF you don't have any color blindness issues, the Veridian laser is the way to go. Green is the color humans see the best.
Before I went for my CCW class, I went to my optometrist and had myself fitted with a better contacts for sights. I can see further than closer so I need one I can use on one eye just for target shooting. I found I like it better than the other normal contacts I was using before so I sticked with it. Good for my photography too. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, another disadvantage of lasers is that it is very hard to find a proper holster for it at the time. I think some holster manufacturers now have better designs that can incorporate lasers too. Another problem I have with my laser was that when it is in the holster, the button got squashed in the holster so when I tried to use it, the battery had run out. I must be stupid but I didn't notice that at first. So I developed a habit of not putting it in. The thing is that if I need it one day to shoot someone in the dark, it will not be really dark because there are streets lights outside, some hallway lights we leave at night so the shadow of an intruder in our bedroom for instance will still be seen. Leave your crown for later...with friends. Just my 10c worth.

Maybe others here can pitch in their experience too...
If you find it particularly hard to see red laser dots and really need something much brighter, you might try to find a green dot laser (although likely more expensive). I have a green laser pointer, and it is significantly brighter thanred laser dots.
I prefer the Crimson Trace (aka CTC) laser sights because they turn on when you grab the gun and turn off whe you let go. Not as bright a green, but as bright as any other red laser, good battery life (they have a plan going right now where they will provide replacement batteries for life). They do cost more than other brands, but no fumbling around for a switch.
I'm still looking around at them (and trying to convice the wife to not be mad when I spend the money), so this is more from a researcher's standpoint rather than a user.

Green is brighter, but due to a higher energy cost to create the green laser, batteries last but a fraction of the time that a red laser lasts. They also tended to be physically larger (again due to the necessary engineering to create the wavelength needed). Crimson Trace believes that they've found a way to solve both of these issues and are coming out with a green variant of their LaserGuard soon. They've also announced that they're working on green version of the grips, as well.

I've used my brother's Glock 17 with his grips on. Red laser, simple to use. If you've got a positive grip on the weapon, you're triggering the laser. It's actually a small button just under the trigger guard on the grip that you push with your middle finger when you grip it. No switches to get bumped on when using.

It's what I'm looking to get for my XD9. The LaserGuard is good, too, but it does have that external switch that you have to flip on.
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+1 for the Crimson Trace laser grips. No switches needed -- There is an on-off master switch, for the case where you don't want the laser on.

Normally, it just turns on as you grip the firearm.

Another plus -- It works with most any holster that you already have. No need for a special one.

that's on my wish list
a concealable gun with a laser light
my son bought a laser for his gun at the gun show it was pretty expensive like about 120 usd i think he said
dang someones making money off those things
I like and use Crimson Trace Laser Grips. Never a problem and it turns on with a natural grip of the hand. No buttons to push to activate. I like that. I have 2 revolvers with CT and am going to put CT on a third.
I went through all the laser sights and couldn't find anything for the five seveN. I'll keep looking. Green sounds like the way to go, but I don't like the short battery life. If Crimson Trace is coming out with the answer soon, maybe I'll wait.

Does anyone know how the grip switch works? Do you have to change the grips, or is it part of the laser? I'm trying to find a picture somewhere with no luck so far.

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