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It's back to work today but got in last night from a great bachelor party! A good friend of mine is getting married in January so to celebrate we rented a house, on the water, in the Florida Keys. We took a bus down to Key West and partied at Irish Kevin's the first night. Rented a boat and went lobstering/diving the second day. Then chartered a large boat and went out fishing the following day. I caught a lot of snapper and one of the guys landed a 6' nurse shark. What a great weekend!! I think we all had a great time including the bachelor.

Now it's back to work.......:cray:

Sounds like you had a great time. You didn't have a gun pop out of a cake did you?:biggrin:
I also hear that in Key West, the stripper you don't need is the one you don't want to see.....A.K.A.: some dude in pink hot-pants.

Lol we did see a Rainbow Bend Resort. No it was nice down there. At Irish Kevin's there were two blonde blue eyed cuties from Sweden and South America that hung out with us. Only bad part was Irish Kevin's has a webcam that runs while they are open. Apparently the South Americans boyfriend was checking up on her and didn't like the fact she was hanging out with us.
Sounds like y'all had a great weekend ! My daughter has a boyfriend already,thanks just the same. Oh yeah,better stay away from Beal St up in Memphis,didnt see any Rainbow bend resorts but i did see some strange things while i was there.

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