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Because it is one of my hobbies, I'm always trying to bring new and/or inexperienced shooters to the range. why?
1. expand the 2a base-more is better
2. educate the timid. no offense, but I mean women and people that grew up w/out a father to educate them
3.maybe they will also buy the ammo-we all know it's expensive
4.teach safe gun handling (not bullseye shooting). all persons of responsible age should know how to load/unload and check the condition of different action types

When I was dating, I took many women to my gun club. This was fun and usually entertaining. Little did they know, it was a test. If she held it between two fingers like a dirty diaper: no-go. In just a few years I've made like-minded friends and met a great woman (who likes DA revolvers :D )

Bring a newb. It will be good for you and great for the rest of us.

Thought I'd share an experience here. I got a group of about 8 ladies together last summer, invited an NRA certified instructor and a couple of his helpers and we had a little "class" on gun safety and different types of guns. He answered questions, then we went out to the local "range" (the hill where everyone goes shooting) and shot at targets on boxes with .22's. One lady had brought her little .22 pistol also and let anyone who wanted have a turn with it. A few had shot before, but some never had and they all had a great time! (One who had never shot was a local Highway Patrolman's wife who grew up in England.) We shot until it was too dark to shoot anymore. I'll be doing it again this year with teen girls and also adults. Would like to do a trap shoot as well as target shooting. I've been discussing the subject with some other ladies around and have had good response. We don't have an indoor range anywhere near, so I'll wait until the weather warms up--I'll get more takers that way. I have talked with 2 of the new shooters from last summer (including my English friend) and they are willing to do it again, maybe it will catch on :) In this kind of group situation there needs to be good discussion on the rules of safe handling and enough people who know about firearms to ensure the safety of the group, but going with friends is a great, low pressure way to get new ladies involved.
I always enjoy taking new people to the range. It's always a good feeling knowing that they had a good time and are now more educated on firearms. One thing I'd like to point out that I didn't even realize I did until recently is this. A few months ago two women that I work with came to the range with us on a lunch break trip. Neither had ever shot nor been around firearms and one admitted to "not liking them." Both had a great time but on the ride back to work all they could talk about was "they could not believe how friendly and helpful everyone was." I think they realized that the gun community was not "crazy gun nuts" but just normal people that were enjoying their hobby. So just remember the next time you’re at the range and let some try out a pistol, help them out, or just make friendly small talk it may be leaving a lasting impression!
Ladies' Day

MomOf3 reminded me of a great annual event at my gun club- ladies' day! On a Saturday in April the ranges are shut down for general use and volunteers man each of seven stations (skeet, archery, pistol, etc.) with donated weapons. Club members act as guides taking groups of women around the club. They shoot everything from blackpowder and archery to ARs and even a 500mag! We get manufacturers to sponsor and bring demo weapons (S&W brought the 500mag last year). I invite all women in my family and more show up every year after they hear about how much fun and not scary it was.

What's good for 51% of the population is good for the other 49.
I encourage all members of private clubs to initiate a Ladies' Day.
Great job guys. It's always nice to hear about new people being taught to properly handle firearms. I taught my wife to shoot last year. She now has her pistol permit. When the weather is better I'm going to teach my best friends wife. He's had her shoot some with a rifle, but he is currently pistoless so he can't teach her handgun skills.
After spending close to 2 decades stationed in the peoples republic of California I have been blessed by receiving orders to the great state of Washington. So here I am in Iraq, note to self read the fine print. Anyway we have a great place and we have state land to go shooting on just a mile from my house I love it! I have been taking my 15 year old son shooting in fact I gave him my old 22 rifle and he is having a blast with it. Since I have been deployed my neighbor who is also a firearms enthusiast has been able to take him shooting a few times so I know I have passed it on to him. One of my other kids is a LEO in California got him a Glock for a back up gun when he graduated the academy. Any how I have been shooting way more now that I have a gun friendly environment to do so. It makes a difference.
It's a P99QA .40, but I'm familiar with the 'baby' eagle. Also a part-time 'smith. what's up?
This is an absolutely

GREAT idea. I got a group of friends from work together a couple of years ago and went shooting up near Bellingham, WA and it went extremely well. We took along a couple of shotguns, a CZ-452 .22, a couple of .380's, my 9mm Sigma and a .22 Buckmark. A friend brought along a Mossberg 500, a .45 and a .38. So, 4 guys, an almost empty range, a couple of thousand rounds of ammo, 300 paper plates and a staple gun = TONS OF FUN!

Even better was that over the next week, 2 other guys and a gal expressed interest in going along if we did it again. Forget the arguing and debates - win them over with the love of shooting. Sure everyone wants to shoot the Mossberg from 5 yards, loaded with slugs but they get over it and become curious about how things work, aiming and controlling the gun rather than gun control.

After returning to Memphis, while getting ready to come to Europe, I reconnected with my best friend from college and we met for coffee at a Denny's. After a few cups he wanted to go for beers but I replied I couldn't. He assumed I was a recovering alcoholic or something and pussy-footed around a bit but eventually asked if I wouldn't go and sit while he had a beer. I finally told him, "well, I would but I have a .40 semi-auto on my back belt." His reply? "No problem, we can lock it in the trunk of my car with this Ruger under my shirt." The next week we took a tactical course together and had a blast.

My kids got into it as well and their friends would ask but, unfortunately no parents ever consented to their kids taking a trip to the range. Ah well!

So, to me these incidents prove how important it is to not act like you're so nervous about people finding out you carry. I love the Wal-Mart report from the other poster but we need to be matter-of-fact about our exercise of choice and rights as others are about their religion, politics and eating habits.

So, yeah, take a friend (or six) to the range - have some fun, but be SAFE!
A friend of mine and I were going to the range this last week, daughter didn't what to go then changed her mind:rolleyes: like most Ladies, said she wasn't going to shoot, ok, brought the 22 anyway, friend and I got all done got out the 22 and she shot probably 100 rounds until about dark, she had a great time, and my friend and I had fun helping her, just have to get them out there.:)
I've asked my wife several times to go out to the range and try shooting and always got a maybe next response. I changed tactics and invited her and a few of her girlfriends out and WHAM--sure let's go. The only bad part was I had to go and buy a .22 SAA to use as an introductory firearm. :)
I actually volunteered to take teach an older gentleman, whose younger wife is scared of recent break-ins in their neighborhood. After heraing this older gentleman talking renting and learning to shoot a "Cloak" or a "911", I figured it was best if he had someone with atleast a little knowledge with him and his wife.
Just thought I'd bump this post up to the front again, the weather's getting better so even outdoor range goers can take the challenge :) Have fun!

Not to get off topic, but is that a desert eagle in your avitar? If so can I PM you for some help?

is that another desert eagle lover? they have always been one of my favorites:)

and taking new people to the range is a great idea. education is the key. and it's already been mentioned, but every time I go to the range everybody is always really friendly. I'm teaching my wife to shoot now. we got married in july and she really wanted to try shooting. she was a bit timmid at first.. well ok she was down right scared. but after a couple pointers and a chance to shoot several guns... well let's just say my .45 witness might not be mine for much longer!!! she fell in love with it.
I have a few people I'm currently working on.

1. One guy I work with. He has a CCW, carries a revolver in his car that he's never shot. He also has an AR15 that he's never shot. So we'll be going to the range VERY soon. I just picked up a cleaning kit for the ar15 and 2 PMAGS to get him going.

2. Another guy I work for an his fiancee. He owns a pistol or two but is showing a lot of interest in getting a CCW and going shooting. So I'm going to try and get him into a class and go shooting this weekend.

3. Sister and some of her friends. She's told me that her and a couple friends are interested in shooting.

Now I just need to get to the range!

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