Ar dicision dilemna seeking advice


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I've been entertaining the idea of getting an AR-10 or an AR-15. Heck, I've even considered getting a AK-47, but I can't decide. What are the selling points?

Do I really need another gun? Other than an attack by zombies, does it serve any sporting purpose?

Do I splurge and get the Armalite brand, or would a DPMS work just as well?

Is there such thing as enough? If your not wanting to spend alot go DPMS I haven't regretted my purchase nor has any of my friends who's own them reliable without question and still waiting to see another brand do something mine can't ... my .02
He will appreciate college so much more if he had to work hard to go.

Back to the point. I love the flexibility if the AR platform. Slap on a different upper and you are shooting new gun. Get yourself a high quality upper for your shtf gun and them go to town. You can pick up a cheap 7.62 or .22 or 9mm or .204 etc etc.

I have both a 20 inch hbar and a 9 inch AR pistol and intend to get a 16 inch flat top to round out the mix. You will probably never find another gun that you can so easily customize to fit what you want.
If your going to hunt at all, get the AR10. If you just plinkin and target shooting the AR15 will save you a load in ammo costs.
When the world comes to an end, the gun you will want is an M4. I have a Bushmaster and I love it.
Also dont forget that even though Obummer hasnt tried banning them yet, if he gets another 4 years he just might. Buy one while you can.
Do I splurge and get the Armalite brand, or would a DPMS work just as well?

Can not speak to the DPMS, but I have an Armalite and the gun has never had a FTF. A friend on mine has a Rock River, and it jams at least once per clip... Mine is a AR-15. Wish I had the AR-10.
I would prefer a AR10 but already own a good FAL besides anything decent in my area is on back order especially the DPMS version ... a friend of mine bought a AR10 mutt blackthorn upper because he didn't want to wait and has been kicking himself lol.... I love my Oracle its been flawless other than my own bads and throw some 64gr in er and it makes a decent deer rifle if needed...
Well when shtf anything in a NATO round would be a good choice in case you come across a cache of ammo which may more than likely match what you need but go for the AR-10 for extended range and it makes a good medium game hunting cartridge
I built an AR15. VERY EASY! Approx. $650. I can't decide to build or buy the AR10.
AR15 - Self defense or offense; Some states allow hunting. You can plink and/or compete in 3-gun.
AR10 - All the above and get an extra 300 - 500 yards effective range.
Ammo costs
- AR15 you can get fairly cheap without reloading. About $0.17 per round is my reloading cost. (I don't buy bulk very much) Cheap bullets too.
- AR10 you are probably going to want to reload. Target grade or hunting rounds. $0.45

I have the AR15 for my son and will have the AR10 or M1A for me. :)
Good Luck!
Anyone considering an AR10 should also consider an M1A. Great long-range weapon that fires the NATO 7.62.
In general, the AR type rifles will be more accurate, easier to shoot, and much easier to scope than the AK rifles. The AK MAY be more reliable but I don't have any problems with any of the AR type rifles I shoot. If you give an AR at least a modicum of care, it will serve you well.
My biggest gripe with the AK is the safety. Next biggest is the lack of bolt hold open when the mag is emptied. I owned an AK in 7.62x39 and sold it when they were very expensive. I now have an AK74 simply because the ammo is so cheap. Neither of these rifles were/are as accurate as my AR's in those calibers.

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