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  • That's not a problem. I know how you feel. There's some on here I don't want knowing me either like B2Tall, Bighouse Doc, Treo to name a few. Ya have to watch, I think some are govt shills / trolls that want to stir things up or get ya to say something incriminating or to make gun owners look like radical rt wingnuts and antigovt wackos, well I fit the latter but I don't care.
    not if you hardly use it i'm usually on it all day long til i found this forum but i still check back with my homies on facebook for sure they usually have alot of interesting and fun posts
    you can look me up under susan scheuermann 'young' but please keep my name between us as there on some on this forum i wouldn't want knowing my name ........charlie k and treo being two off the bat thus far being new i don't know anyone well enough really but i trust you we seem to be on the same page about alot of issues ......
    yes i know who she is and her cohorts and NO she not related to me and thankfully so! lolz i know i for one will not and never have voted for her or any like her........but if you can post a link or blog about her i will post it up on my facebook even though some my friends won't like it as i have some pretty staunch democrap friends as well repugs neither of which realize they both support the same corrupt bird.........
    i forgot the thread it was but it was one he started and it seems to me she or he was doing the trolling on me if i come across it i'll let you know i don't remember the title but it was about soldiers with ptsd and i thought i gave some insightful thoughful responses on it but he got all in my face threatening to have me banned and claimed i was the troll and i was going to be reported we went back and forth on the thread .. then s/he sent me that email threatening to have me banned. i donno who the mods are but i hope they can see who the real troll was. thanks for your concern it did upset me and still does .i thought treo was a girl at first but then i read a post which indicated treo was a man so i donno if it is a man his avatar looks like perhaps his feminine alter ego i wished i could find the email reply i sent himher but i don't know how to find it or if there is a record of it somewhere in my email thing here
    hey longslide what is treo's deal??? she sent me this email after she said i was being a troll on one of her topics ..

    ''I'm done talking dear

    As far as I'm concerned you no longer exist.

    You have the option of staying out of my threads if you choose not to all I can say is enjoy your brief stay at usacarry.com
    Flip 'em the bird and die like a VIKING
    You are cordially invited to join us at gunrightsmedia.com where all the cool kids hang out GunRightsMedia''

    she is trying to get me banned i didn't troll her or i don't think what i wrote in her topic was anyting trolling? i just wanted some advice here being new on this forum i hope i don't get banned because she reported me ? or said she did i just don't see why she would report me and for what? this is rather upsetting to me and i don't know what i should do
    thanks i haven't heard winston shrout yet but i'll be sure to look him up though thanks again
    email is [email protected]
    but i did blow the light this time even though it was only red for a fraction of a second .......admiralty law hey have you ever heard of jordan maxwell he gives some good talks on that for sure
    i didn't see a camera flash when i went through it so i might got away with it this time i'll know probably within a month if a cam caught me by then as they will mail out a ticket .. i got one once before and wound up paying almost 300 usd for ugh that really sucked it's all a big scam and they make billions a year on florida alone with that bogus bs i got to go get my neigbor from work as his car not out of the shop yet ugh another pain in the butt
    i took my neighbor to work today because his car had to go to the shop and his wife wanted to visit her mom out that way so on the way was a trash pile i found a nice medium sized pet carrier brand new condition too , a medium sized cooler and a nice area rug which will go good in my house i have to clean it though but still in new condition so i hit a jackpot this morning but going home a yellow light turned red as i got under it so i hope the traffic scam cam don't give me a ticket and down here they not cheap either
    yea it would be perfect to win that giveaway for me but if i don't i will eventually purchase it anyways
    i'm already very comfortable with that holster set up i'm wearing it now in fact and every now and then do a draw and aim practice it's amazingly comfortable and fits well even though i'd rather carry more concealable gun like the one in the giveaway
    i've done that too sold stuff like my really nice woodcarved coffee table and other antiques when times were tight i trashpick piles on the curb i can sell or use even my truck usually looks like sanford and sons but that's what i do salvage and recycle do yard sale when i gather up enough stuff. being a single mom i'm frugal but some things ya can't chinch on. i am patient i will wait till after the giveaway has a winner if i don't win it i will buy the holster and belt needed to carry and perhaps later the other practical stuff like those safes.. seems everytime i think i'm getting a bit ahead some major financial thing comes along to set me back but that's life in a money based culture........
    i borrowed a belt and holster so i could practice but never found the time today and i did order a 1,000 rounds of ammo on line to practice when i go to range .......i can't wait till the truck payment is done that way i won't be so strapped and have more to spend for other stuff
    part 2
    i'm hoping hard i do win that giveaway it would really be perfect for me just starting out save me alot of steps and money too getting prepared and geared to conceal carry for sure that way i can spend more time on practice rather than shopping for gear and all which i will do after the winner is called and it's not me so i'm keeping my fingers crossed to win it although the only thing i ever won was a cakewalk in grade school but i don't enter stuff like this or even play the lotto anymore because i never was lucky with that either
    that's all i have for my own personal and home protection and my cat won't attack or warn me anyone is around either lolz, is that ol browning and i've had it for years too but it sat under my bed after i test fired i think just two mags full on it is all i ever fired it in all the time i had it till just recently
    when homes in my area started being robbed and a neighbor was robbed at gunpoint right across the street i decided i better see about arming myself and being more careful with my own doors and more watchful of folks around these parts and everywhere as employment rates drop crime will rise accordingly and when the cop told me crime is up 80 percent in my city i said it might be a good idea to carry a gun and she agreed with me and it was then i decided to check into conceal carry so here i am on my path to becoming yet another citizen wanting to exercise her rights to protect herself with deadly force if necessary
    part 1
    yea i'm just getting started but don't want to sink a whole lot of money into it if i can help it . i like my old gun and it will do for now i prolly will get that crossbreed supertuck combat cut and a good gun belt and gun cleaner and plenty of ammo to start me off with for now and see how that goes but i'm still hoping like hell to win that giveaway and will wait till the contest is over before i go out and buy stuff by then i should have my permit and a little practice under my belt
    cheers don't drink too many beers ;)
    i think that supertuck is a good holster too i was looking about it when i came across that giveaway which led me to this forum
    being in florida i don't wear winter stuff much but sometimes it gets cool here to wear sweatshirt which is good to conceal but mostly i'm in shorts and a t shirt. saw the thread on gun cleaners i will be looking at again before purchasing a cleaner as it's not been cleaned in probably a year or two when my son took it to wva and cleaned it after he fired it up there ..i do like that giveaway it would be perfect for me being i have nothing but that browning but i never win anything so i'm banking on having to buy all that stuff eventually. first thing first is getting the permit then seeing what i can gather up to actually carry concealed and all. permit is good in florida for 7 years the 380 i have is about 2 lbs fully loaded. i think and if i get two good shots on someone trying to harm me it should stop them. hopefully i won't have to find out
    part two of my too long message
    so it sure would be awesome to win that giveaway if not i will have to buy all that stuff anyways and much more like a good gun cleaning kit lots of ammo and prolly one other kind of holster i can wear when i don't wear belt looped pants. range fees are expensive too so hopefully i can get the funds together.the gun show is 8$ to get in and 50 for the class and then about 120 to send to the state for the permit so already it's going to be a costly ordeal but if it saves my life one day it's all worth it imo thanks again for the friendship and yes i am getting some good info here and i thank you and all the rest for sharing your ideas opinions and knowledge. i do need to get more range time in as well and more comfortable even handling that gun for certain as i never was much for guns although i kept that thing by my bed for years. being how crime is up over 80 percent in my city and being a single aging woman and all i thought it a wise thing to do
    hey longslide. ah dang my message is too long so i'll cp half then send you the other half lolz
    i'm from fort lauderdale florida and was searching on line about ccw permits. i'm planning on getting mine at fort lauderdale gun show 5th of may/ surfing the web i came across that awesome giveaway wow i thought that was just what i would need to get me started after i get a permit so i joined this forum to have a chance at winning it and gather information i have nothing as of now but an old gun i bought years ago and only used it once at a range so i took it out emptied it and started getting used to handling it again using the sights and went online looking for a holster when i came across that giveaway. my gun a browning .380 has a nice grip on it but it might be a bit too big to conceal because of grip
    I have been out of the armed security game for well over 7 years now.
    When I did work armed security it was in Los Angeles, California for about 14 years.
    In the state of Texas you would actually need to get trained in a Level 3 (Armed Security) training program first and then get 'commissioned' by the state (D.P.S.) at the written request of an actual security employer.
    All in all it's more difficult to get 'commissioned' as an armed security officer than it is to get an actual concealed handgun license in Texas.
    Exactly the opposite is true in Los Angeles, California.
    It really makes no sense i.m.h.o. ~SMH~
    Anyhow, I decided that I'm not going to work in the security industry anymore for personal reasons.
    It's more of a young man's game i.m.h.o.
    I hope this info helps.
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