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I recently got a job at a check cashing store in a bad area of Philadelphia. I had never fired a gun in my life and knew nothing about them. I just bought a Sig P250 full size .45 and got my carry permit from my local sheriff. I took an hour safety and basics coarse at a local gun shop. Carrying my pistol around with me I feel the sobering and tremendous responsibility that goes along with it. I feel as though if God forbid an incident were to happen I don't know in some gray areas what a lawful and appropriate response would be. I would appreciate any information on PA gun laws, suggestions on training, pistol accessories, or just some friendly advice for someone new from the community. I have be reading and searching the forums to glean all I can.
Thanks in advance.

Right now, as I look up at the sponsors at the top of the page, I see the 2 most important things you need (actually 3, join the NRA if you haven't).

in order of importance:
1. Millionare Patriot wants you trained. Get more training!!!!! Get a professional to teach you the correct way to shoot. Go to FrontSight, Gunsight, etc. If you cannot afford these, find someone local. Train, train, train. It will save your life, the lives of the innocent bystanders, and maybe a lengthy stay behind bars. Training will help in every aspect of any encounter, including the trial (I have had more hours of training than the officers who arrested me, I acted correctly).

2. American Self Defense Institute 24/7 Emergency Legal Services. Always good to have a lawyer when you really need one. Do Not Talk to the Police, ever. Especially after (God forbid!!) a shooting. say"With respect office, due to the traumatic nature of the events, I would like to consult an attorney before answering any questions". The only thing you might say to the office is I feared for my life and I fired to stop the attack.

3. Train some more, you can never overtrain!!! It will provide confidence when you need it, and that confidence can make the predators seek easier prey without you ever doing anything.

Have a look around No Nonsense Self Defense - Reliable information for dangerous situations this site is a goldmine of information.

Good luck and may you never need it.
+1 on everything Wolfling said.
I really do not see how 1 hour of training does anything. There is alot to go with owning/carrying a firearm. Check this forum for PA. Gun Laws. It will not give you every Gun Law, but will in fact get You started. Training and knowing the Laws takes time, so don't be discouraged if these issues don't happen overnight. It's what YOU put into it. Read and do Searches on here and You will in time be ontop of issues, accessories, suggestions, opinions (alot of those here) and so on. And don't be afraid to ask anything. That's what We are All here help each other.
Oh, and WELCOME to the show!
Thanks a lot to everyone for all your helpful incite. I am now a NRA member and I am reading through PAfoa and nononesenceselfdefense. I also have plans to get more training.

Train train train.

Saw a great quote one time that said "The more you sweat in training the less you bleed in battle." Yes I am an instructor and have a business doing firearm training, but the reason I do and do much volunteer work in this area is the belief that carrying is a BIG responsibility and not to be taken lightly. Many states require at least 8 hours and some as much as 15. One hour may meet the letter of the law but sure not the skill of it. Every training I have been through - even the less good ones (trying to keep it positive here) as well as the classes I have instructed I learn more and get not only better but safer. Besides, it's like eating food that is good for you but tasts good too - this is good for you but a lot of fun - where better to spend a day that with fellow gun geeks.

Happy learning
As others have said get as much training as you can. Also become as familiar as you can with your states laws.
Agree with Speak2u and others above.

Never have enough training. Includes everyday "what if . . ." scenarios as you go through your daily life.
Don't be paranoid, but be prepared.

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