Alaska town has people stabbed


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Another example of violent crime without a gun. A nice pistol could have stopped all of this. I am surprised in Alaska someone didn't have a 44 mag on their belt.

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Sooo many people think that violence would stop if guns magically disappeared or were banned. I only have 2 questions for those people.

1. How could a ban/no guns at all have changed the out come of this tragedy?

2. How could a gun in the hands of the victims have changed the out come of this tragedy?

Perfect example of "Its not the tool its the person behind the tool!"

Prayer's to the familly.
I think a**holes like this are a menace to society. Does Alaska have the death penalty?
Sounds like that guy lost it a long time ago.

Three days before the killings, Jason Abbott was arrested for allegedly trying to punch his mother because she had orange and red colored items in her home. He said they were "evil colors," according to court documents.
Part of the thing here might be that it was a domestic dispute, and he was clearly mentally ill. Killing a stranger in self-defense is one thing, but how people react when it's a family member is an open question. They might not have been willing to react quickly enough, thinking that it was just another crazy episode until it was too late.

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