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I may have to add a parrot to my home defence plans. The following was form a news article on It happened in Dallas.

Dennis Baker, who keeps several pet birds, said his Mexican Red-headed parrot "Salvador" said "hello" when he sees someone.

As a man passed by a window at his home, Salvador began saying "Hello, hello," awaking Baker.

Baker then saw the intruder on a surveillance system and shot him inside the home's detached garage, police said.

The intruder, who was identified as John Woodson, 46, was taken to Parkland Hospital in critical condition. He died a short time later.

People had burglarized the home, which is also used as a locksmith shop, several times in the last month, according to police.

Dallas police said Baker will not face charges because he was defending his property.

A bill passed earlier this year by legislators gives Texans a stronger legal right to defend themselves with deadly force in their homes, vehicles and workplaces.
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Good stuff! I always have hoped that when the time came, my pups would step up to the plate. They are pretty aware of thier boundries.
The Irony of this story....

People had burglarized the home, which is also used as a locksmith shop
Even locksmiths have windows:D
Being a locksmith I have found that 99% of the time crooks don't try the lock, they just tear up whatever to gain entrance.:eek:
I used to have a pet rabbit that was great for home defence. She had a little attitude, so she'd go out of her mind whenever she saw someone she didn't know. She used to "sigh" a warning that someone was around she didn't know, and if that didn't get it my attention (she was 2 lbs. so she didn't make a loud noise) she clamp down on her cage with her teeth and start rattling it, which made a rather horrendous sound. I have friends who wouldn't come near my house until well after she'd passed away.
Those are some smart animals! I grew up next to an old lady with a huge doberman. That dog was so loyal that when she opened the door, it stepped out first and then stood there until the conversation was over.
We have two Chihuahuas and trust me, they will even bark at their one comes into this house without me knowing it, not as long as these two are alive.
I hear ya. My 2 pits and the "wanna-be" (aussie shepherd/beagly, beagly) are babies, just don't test them.
While birds are cool, I will agree;hands down, rasslin' and curlin' up w/ ARE better w/ furry lil criiters that bark. :cool:
Watchdog Westies

Got two Westies that are the greatest watchdogs--alarms--as opposed to guarddogs like pitts and akitas. Always give me plenty of time to retrieve one of the defensive tools.
I forget where I saw it since it has been a few years, but I read somewhere that when asked criminals said they were more afraid of small dogs because they were harder to get off of them.

When I owned my store, Caesar, a pit, was our guard dog... but only while we there.

My dad told me a story. When he was younger he opened a dog grooming business with some friends, and they got a dobberman as a guard dog. Well, they went in one day to find they'd been cleaned out and found a ransom note for the dog.
My dad told me a story. When he was younger he opened a dog grooming business with some friends, and they got a dobberman as a guard dog. Well, they went in one day to find they'd been cleaned out and found a ransom note for the dog.

Great one! :D

One would assume they didn't bother to pay the ransom...:rolleyes:
In spite of their fearsome reputation, Dobies can be incredibly sweet. I found 2 of 'em running around loose many years ago when I returned home from work. I've never been afraid of dogs but I was worried that these two might be in jeopardy from the heavy traffic area, so I hunkered down and called to them. They came running over and got their lovin' until someone came for them...only to tell me they were the guard dogs for the gas station on the corner!
I had a neighbor who had one as a guard dog of his apartment building. It was a sweet dog, but got right down to business when it needed to. The bonus for this one, though, was that people didn't think it was a dobie. The owner left the ears and tail intact.
I raised 3 kids with my dob and he sleep at my wifes feet . I would have another if it was like him. Jack Russel for now,who thinks he is a rotwiler.
Our recent family addition

is a 3yr old female Dobie. Renamed her Schatzi...

We also have a just recently turned 10yr old Shepard... she came to us a 6mos of age, and had proven to be one of the best dogs ever. But she is getting up in years, in fact FL seems harder on dogs than other areas of the world..especially the larger breeds...In fact we have never had one get past age 9.

We decided that we would like to get a companion in the household for our Gretchen, and it has proven to be a real good move... Now Gretch has a buddy, and they are very loving and playful with one another. Gretch's appetite has increased, and she's a lot more active then she has been in a long time.

Schatzi recently had her first vet check, and seems in real good health... so it looks like she's going to be a keeper...

Before Gretch, we had a Ridgeback that we raised from 8 weeks...when she died at 9 years from cancer, I was more at a loss then I could believe... Then Gretch came along and filled that void... Now When Gretch has to leave us, at least we won't be at such a loss with Schatzi already here.

Dobies are wonderful dogs...also very intelligent, and easy to work with...quick to learn, and very loyal and protective. We got her as a rescue dog, and I'm so happy to have her.

I guess I should have posted this in the 'pets?' thread, but I don't really consider my dogs as 'pets', more like members of the family...


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