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    question about carry in MN for new job

    So I have been carrying for almost a year and have gotten very comfortable carrying every day however I just recently changed jobs and have a question about the laws. In Minnesota is there any laws preventing me from carrying at work? I know more info helps so here it goes, I am now a...
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    bag searches at theaters

    I was just listening to the news about how they may be doing bag searchers at theater after the CO shooting. My question is what do the women do that may be legeally carring in a purse? My wife was looking into a purse to carry which i am not in favor of but some time she has no choice. So what...
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    new p22

    I just bought a walther p22 last night and took it to the range today. I love this guns feel and how sheap it is to shoot, however on almost every mag it would not chamber the second round. Everyother shoot was fine just not the second one. Even when rapid fire it would not fail except on that...
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    for all of us up north

    So i was thinking about situation awarness today, here in mn it is 0 degrees outside at best. As i was walking all bundled up i realized i would never get my gun out in any reasnable time under all those layers. I do have an lcp that i keep in the outer most pocket but even then to take off...
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    when do you talk to kids about ccw

    So i just got my permit a few months back for mn. I mostly carry concealed but going to the range or around the house sometimes i open carry. When do i talk to the kids about it so i am not in a bank line and my 3 year old asks about my gun at the top of her voice. I have a 10,5,and 3 year old...