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    PBS poll: do you support stronger.GC laws in your state?

    Your link did not come up for me. But going to the PDF file listed for Connecticut at this link: you will find no murders reported by Newtown Police in 2012 but the state police reported 37 Homicide Offenses and 36 Murder and...
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    Permit holder protects mother from home invader.

    Fortunately, the permit holder was nearby and on the phone with is mother when the invader entered. Link Removed
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    I saw the Indiana version a week or so ago. Link Removed
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    Gun Control already in effect in Connecticut

    I wrote a blog article yesterday (posted this morning) on this. Much of what I wrote has already been said in earlier posts in this thread. Link Removed Derby
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    Connecticut breaks from China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq

    My error. In a hurry when I wrote the previous post I did not read the details of the link I posted. What I was after was the list of death row inmates who were were later cleared with DNA evidence. The link to that list is below. Link Removed My first link was not totally wrong because the...
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    READY TO REVOLT: Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in United States

    I have never been military, I never been a LEO, nor have I held any position in government -- elected, appointed or hired. So I have never taken the oath, but I believe in it. I do it my own way. I have written a revised pledge that I recite when at an assembly where the pledge of...
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    Question on reciprocity

    Hi. I am new to this site as well as to weapons ownership. I live in Indiana and have acquired a ‘License to Carry Handgun’. This neither states concealed nor open. Am I allowed to carry, either concealed or open, in all states that are shown to honor Indiana’s permit?