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I am new to this site as well as to weapons ownership. I live in Indiana and have acquired a ‘License to Carry Handgun’. This neither states concealed nor open. Am I allowed to carry, either concealed or open, in all states that are shown to honor Indiana’s permit?

Hi Derby...welcome to this site. If you go to the RESOURCES section of this site you can get Permit Info By State as well as Permit Reciprocity Maps. In Indiana, you cannot carry openly or concealed without a permit. With a permit you can do either as well as carrying in a car. In any state that recognizes your permit, you can carry concealed. Some states allow open carry as well. That is the case with my state Arizona which recognizes all other states permits. Look in the Permit Info By State that I mentioned for specific laws for each state such as prohibited places for carry, etc.
Thanks for the quick response. If I read this right, in any state which recognizes the Indiana permit, I can do whatever any resident of that state would be allowed do there (if they have the necessary permit).
In addition to gvaldeg1's suggestion, I have found that when travelling interstate, going to the State AG's website (FAQ's) very helpful.
Thanks. I'll research before I travel.


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