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Ok im traveling from WV to SC next week and have a WV CCP. I know we have full reciprocity with all the states i am traveling through but im having trouble finding detailed info on the certail rules for the trip. Most especially im worried about the actual travel with my pistol. I know that once im at the beach in SC that i have to stay out of state and fed buildings, schools, etc. But as for the trip down i wanna make sure i dont get into a tight spot. In WV you can carry your weapon on your person in a car as long as you have a CCP. Ive searched this website,the concealed trip planner, and various other sites and i cant get specific rules on traveling in a vehicle with my gun concealed on my person (i believe this to be on purpose). For example...Virginia's website say stuff about legally having the pistol in the glovebox or console but nothing about holstered on your person while in a car. Same goes for NC. SC says its legal to have it loaded and secured and that opening said secured area(glovebox, console) to get your registration does NOT void this area as being secured as long as its done infront of the officer. Im just confused and dont wanna risk holding up my trip, stressing my wife, or losing my pistol by carrying it incorrectly in case i get pulled over. Any help is appreciated.

In SC if you have a permit you can carry on your person in the car. If you don't have a permit then you can carry in your glovebox, console or trunk. This is the law that you are referencing above and is for with or without a permit.

You can carry from your car to your motel room either OC or CC with or without a permit.
You will find a wealth of information on HandgunLaw.us, as well as through USA Carry here: Concealed Firearm Permit Information By State

Ive been to both these sites by recomendation. Problem is that almost all stuff you find reads like stereo instructions. Ill keep reading it though. Someone already clarified SC for me. Does anyone live in NC or VA and wanna chime in? Ill say this....from what ive read it appears that i can carry on my person in my car and be fine from start to finish just as long as i have my permit, DL, and declare to an officer if stopped.

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