WV added


.45 Randall 1911/Glock 21
SC and WV have come to an agreement....finally

SC has been added to WV's site
SC is lagging behind on returning the favor...
per the past I dare say... you will see WV
added in under 2 weeks...

That one is good news... just like Florida (and us) they only recognized resident permits and so WV was a dead zone and you could not get around it because I don't think they even issue non resident permits!
I remember only a few years ago that South Carolina had reciprocity with only nine states. Now it's up to fifteen and growing. I hope that number continues to grow.
That is good news. I hope SLED will keep on adding new states. I'd like to see us along the side of FL with the amount of States on our list.
Any idea of who we are talking with now?

SD is the only one I have herd of, and we are already leagal there....
Any word as to when SLED will update the Reciprocity Page this time?

My friend from WV would like to come down. Would be nice if he could carry.
It should have been updated by now. I wonder if they are adding some other states and are just waiting to finalize reciprocity before updating the site?
That crossed my mind as well, but it makes difficult for those that are waiting .... in WV
Thanks. I've been checking daily. Man they take their good time don't they and they didn't even change the date on the list...

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