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Women, Handguns and Civilization
For a law-abiding citizen to bear personal arms is an act of civilization.
Not just an act of self-defense or an act in defense of civilization, but an act of civilization.
This is true for men and it is even more true for women. For a woman to bear personal arms means that she will not be deprived of her legal rights: to go any lawful place she pleases at any time; to be free in her body, meaning that she need not be defenseless against assailants; to live. And it means that the uncivilized, those who would deprive her of life and the liberties of a free citizen, including freedom from unwanted sexual contact, do so at absolute risk to their lives.
That is the fundamental moral principle. These are the facts.
A handgun is not magic. You need to learn to use it and you need to be willing to use it, i.e., to employ deadly force. If you are unwilling or unable to do this, then guns are not for you.
However, a reliable handgun of man-stopping caliber (most commonly, 9mm and .45) is a terrific equalizer. And equality is the basis of citizenship.
This is the foundation of civilization: that we live and posses our property and are free in our bodies by no man's leave, but by right under law. This is as true for women as it is for men. And unless civilization includes women, it does not exist.
The "argument from prudence," otherwise known as "yes, but . . ." has no place here. Our rights as women citizens are unalienable, and the argument from prudence inevitably segues into "blame the victim" and the attempt to limit or abrogate those rights – to argue that there are things we may not do, places we may not go, ways we may not dress or behave, because we are women.
For women to bear arms routinely and commonly, in order to defend their lives, their property and their liberty – the simple freedom ...

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