wisconsin castle defence bill.


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The Wisconsin Castle defence bill is on the governor's desk.
So I think that means that it along with all the other enrolled bills from the current session of the legs get presented to him on dec 8th. by 4pm. I guess that is day 1 or is dec 9th day 1. I think the Governor has only 6 day then to veto it, sign it or let it sit.
If he lets it sit it becomes law after 5 or 6 days. Cause i was reading the Wisconsin section on how bills become law. and god help me I don't know what they said. i think all bills are present to him at one time from the current session of the legs. Then the time frame starts. But it could be that a blue moon and the stars line up and a black cat walk under a yellow rose in augs causes the bill to be aggggggggggggg so I hope somebody knows something about GOVERMENT. cause all I know is it makes my head hurt!
So he has a few weeks to decide. I think.

Do you happen to have a link to some of this information? I'm curious exactly how this is going to work.
Without both castle law and a stand your ground law a ccw carrier is left in a grey area. Both of those laws together remove some legal issues to a person putting up a deadly defense.
Castle protects me in my house and sometimes car depending on state laws and stand your ground gives you the RIGHT to defend yourself and a ccw gives you the means.
I google wis how a bill becomes law. then went to the governors part where it said enrolled bill on governor's desk.
The Wisconsin Castle defence bill is on the governor's desk

It is NOT on his desk. Technically it is still in the Assembly, waiting for the Governor to request it. Once it is received by the Governor, he has six days to sign or veto or it automatically becomes law.

If it was on the Governor's desk, it would say 'Presented to the Governor'.

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Here is an example of a bill that has gone through the whole process.

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