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  • Thanks for your help buddy. Some of these guys get real nasty in that debate. Good to see you are on the right side.
    Please do not --- NOT -- think of yourself as lower than low. We can't all be perfect. We can only do our best. Hold your head up high. Express yourself. It is good for the soul, it is good for you. If you are right, stand your ground, when you are wrong just apologize -- from the heart. I do not want to hear you beating up yourself again -- not for anything, OK? Now go in peace.
    I have my bad days too like that day I went on a rant because this girl wanted to know about El Paso. It took me a day and a bit to realized I made a mistake and that I should not have gone to the forum with my head up my ass for something not related to the forum's topic. Hence my rant. But I do apologize when I calmed down. Thank God for localgirl who broke the conversation and woke me up. Dang! I guess we are both normal, huh?

    Anyway, I understand your rant that is why I clicked on the like because I like it, not because of anything else...sometimes some people really fires us up...relax now, OK?
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