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A smaller Revolver Recommendation for a British Friend's 1 day use.
Got me a Brit lover who flies in 2-3 times per year, I really wanted to take her to our best indoor range: Welcome to Sharp Shooting Indoor Range and Gun Shop . All my pistols R SA, she lacks the strength to even cock my Springfield XD-9, so if she can't clear, lock, load a SA I am stuck with renting her one of their $5 all day revolvers, a weapon I would never own because @ 6 rounds & I need to reload, even with a speed-loader, it is not faster than dropping 10-rd mags and continue range-fire. She can't take it home, she has never fired a pistol in her 50 years of life, so I am open to suggestions about a smaller cal revolver I could rent for a day for her use. Something with little recoil and 'novice-level' ease of use. 'Lady Smith came to mind' but even that may be too much wallop for her very thin wrists. I want her to have fun, not be intimidated by the gun, so the smaller good make model is what I am hoping they carry, exotic small revolvers are rare in a range that has over 100 guns to rent from M1911 to 'Dirty Harry' specials which would prolly fly right out of her hand and nail me! Any commonly available small revolver would be something I would love to send her a link to, and with 1 hour of at-home on gun-safety and confidence building she may walk away with a memory and bragging rights she's love to show her Limey M8's. I am open to feedback on a design of a revolver, I have very little experience with, that would suit a 5' 6" 130lbs cute gal who wants to fire something here during her 3 week stay, but I don't have a clue what I should even ask the staff there if they stock. A first and second choice feedback would be appreciated just in case the best model for her is not in stock. Links would be fine. 30 days to figure this out and looking to USA Carry for revolver expertise Thanks in advance.

I like the Ruger sp101 It has enough weight that the 38 specials shouldn't frighten her. It is actually one I thought of for my wife before the P225 deal came about.
Thanks FBMG Smithy for your prompt reply!
You might make a revolver admirer out of me yet. The Ruger SP101® revolvers are smaller framed guns which still can handle powerful .357 Magnum cartridges, which may still be a larger cal @ .357, especially with the magnum power/charge or just the .38 Special they also fire. Depending upon the grains/push/cartridge length & propellent mixture a .38 is pretty close to a .40-Cal, a round my largest pistol the Beretta 96 FS Centurion fires, and my favorite range fire weapon with a recoil that jars my hand slightly with each shot. After 100 rounds of S & W ball I have to move to a 2-handed firing stance when my best firing stance is single hand extended, 45 degree oblique with one hand behind the small of my back. (Classic competition stance but not a CQC low crouch knees bent military/cop favorite one) Ruger is a brand name that equates to quality build, reliability and design, the triple-locking cylinder mechanism are nice touches. Do you know of any good reputation common in use revolvers in the .22 or 9mm range? Having shot plenty of M9's/Beretta 92's as my Army issued side-arm & my XD-9 as a Vet, I know the recoil is minimal, now if there were a good brand .22 or 9mm revolver, doesn't matter what the chamber capacity is as this will never leave the range or be used by her in a nation where even getting caught with a .22 CO2 or pump-action pellet gun is a big fine, a criminal record and maybe even jail, probation (loss of a 25 year good job) or all the things that make G.B. a Royal pain to protect yourself living there. This will be (hopefully) something she looks forward to with every visit. If she loves one model I will buy it for her, and keep it safe for her visits and her use only. I wish she could handle any semi-automatic, but if she can't even cock, load or clear my smallest pistol I doubt she'll ever graduate to any SA pistol. She tried sliding my Beretta open, didn't move a CM and just shook her head :-(
I have a gut feeling she will empty 5 or 6 rounds with the Ruger SP101, she'll claim it kicks back too much and lose interest fast. When she was my 1st real love in London we met at 15, a year later we had a stupid fight over nothing that either of us can recall over what, so she punched me in my (then) lean and firm flat abdominal wall, it fractured a few small bones in her wrist and I didn't even feel winded. But I took her to the hospital anyway in much pain. She was in a short arm cast for 6 weeks which really hurt me much more than her temper-tap ever did every time I saw her wearing it I felt 'bad-dog'. Now with a 20 y/o grown son, who probably would have been mine if I had stayed in London not split to the U.S. and 35 years since that episode she still has a wrist that is only 4.5" in circumference. As a teacher the hardest 'push' she does with that petit hand most days is a #2 pencil grading homework or touch-typing on a key-board! I think that covers the limitations I have to accommodate for her desire to be among the very few woman in Norfolk, England to lay claim to having ever shot a pistol and never did any military service where she would have learned to fire much more than pistols.
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Smith and Wesson makes a Link Removed very light Link Removed the same size as thier .38's. However the .38 is as close to 9mm as you will get. They make a .45 acp but there hasn't been enough draw to a 9mm revolver for anyone to make one.
9mm revolver

Taurus now makes a 9mm in a revolver. Model 905 is a 21oz 5 shot stainless. Hope it helps.

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