Why do some states deny reciprocity?


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I'm trying to determine why some states will honor CWPs from some states, but not others. For example, it looks like Minnesota and Florida have very similar rules for issuance and renewals. But, for some reason they don't reciprocate. Florida is one of the most widely reciprocating states in the nation, but we've forgotten to include Minnesota for some reason.

Why does it work this way, and how can this be fixed? Is there a lobbying process that can be pursued?

I'm going to Minneapolis for the GOP convention during the first week of September, and I won't be able to carry. Because of that, I'm really considering not bringing any firearm at all, because it's not worth risking the airline losing it if I can't actually carry it.

I think that FL will offer reciprocity to any state that will agree in return. It appears that for some reason MN will not agree. In SC the requirement for reciprocity were equal or more stringent requirements and therefor would not accept FL permits. I have heard several reasons given for SC not agreeing but don't know the real reason. All of the differences were very minor.

Sometimes is is a big difference and sometimes a very small difference. Contact your local representative to get the ball rolling.
Basically, there are 48 CCW states and 48 different sets of laws, many of which defy logic and are just arbitrary and capricious. PA used to honor FL but not UT (go figure that one!).
I have a suspicion that some states might refuse because of requirements from other states. For example here in Indiana we don't have to take any classes or shoot at a range to qualify. They might assume that makes us all unsafe uneducated gun owners
It's a problem in NYS. They won't honor any other state. I never understood how a man's good character changes just because he crossed a state line. National carry should be law.
We need to continue to contact our legislators and demand national reciprocity... Keep writing letters / Emails, don't let up, we need to make this an election issue... Let your voice be heard over and over again. My father always said, the squeeky wheel gets the grease..Start squeeking..
I agree, contact your reps. That's what they are for. It needs to be national. My driver's licence is good in ALL 50 of the United States!!
SC does not honor GA permits because GA does not require any training, only a background check. NC requires a a class to obtain a CWP. The picture has nothing to do with it.
I know of only two cased where Florida will not reciprocate. First: the other State must honor Florida's weapon permit. Second: The other State must issue a permit to carry. There are States were it is legal to carry, but they do not issue permits.
I think it's a matter of control, most politicians and government bureaucrats feel the need to control others. They've passed their laws and darn it, it must comply 100% with their passed laws or they won't allow it.

Fortunately my state accepts all CCWs nationwide, no exceptions, so travelers here needn't worry.
What in the H*** are you people talking about? In one post you are saying that we should let the Federal Government make the rules for CCW and in the next post you are screaming that the federal government is going to take all our guns away! Leave the Feds out of it entirely. The states do not have standard rules for issue of the HCP, so there is a problem in recognizing each others' permits. That is something to work on at the state level.
The Federal Government does not force states to recognize each others' DLs, that came about through inter-state agreements. The Professional licenses are regulated through the Interstate Commerce Regs.

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