Why can't military members carry personal weapons on bases?

I believe in most cases depending on the branch of service, it is up to the base commander if and who can carry on base or in base housing.

In my 10 years in the Navy I've never figured out why our nation does not trust the members of its own military. I can only conclude that is the case since they impose ever more strict rules governing our conduct and our lifestyle. So why is it that those us charged with the defense of our nation, those of us in whom they place their so called trust to use weapons to defend others if we are attacked, that we can't carry personal weapons onto military bases? If Fort Hood proved anything it is that those who wish us harm can and will take advantage of the fact they know we are not allowed to carry the means of our own defense onto a base. I fail to see the rationale that allows us to wield weapons the rest of the population is not even allowed to own in defense of our country but on a base when it comes to our own defense or the defense of our fellow serviceman we are not to be trusted.
There is no real reason.

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