Who R U 'Veterans and Guns' partons?


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Who R U 'Veterans and Guns' patrons?

Veterans and Guns replaced by Military and Veterns, this post no longer applies.

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Well, my comp just bit the dust yesterday, so it may be awhile before I can get any pictures up, but I'll share some of my background.

I was in the USMC for 8 years, From '97 to '05. I grew up in Southern Cali, so boot camp was at the depot in San Diego. My first duty stop was at Keesler AFB for my year and a half of electronics/calibration schooling. Then I was stationed at El Toro until it closed down and we did the BRAC move to Miramar. After that I was sent back to Keesler for my advanced calibration school. Then they moved us to Camp lejeune. I got out from there and moved to Tucson Az, for about 18 months was all we could stand it. Too hot, too high of crime rate, and other undesirable circumstances. So after that we moved up to where we currently are in North Dakota. We like it up here pretty good. Plenty of space, good schools for our kids.
I missed out when my unit deployed over to Iraq/Kuwait, I was left in charge of the

We recently became licensed foster parents, so we are helping out by caring for 3 foster children along with the 4 we already own :p Tomorrow we are driving them 5 hours to go visit their mom in rehab.

As for as my firearms collection.. Well my first was an AR-15, I was still in the service when I picked this one up. Always had a fascination for it. Since then I've added to my collection an assortment of others, from handguns, to shottys, to rifles. Some for hunting, some just for fun.
I collected a few while in service and picked up more after I got out. So far I have 8 Ar15's. A Colt SP1 standard, a Colt SP1 CAR and a Colt H-BAR Match with two barrels. One with 1 in 7 and one in 1 in 9 twist. Then I have an assortment of 5 AR's that I built. I have a S&W Mod 15 2". The Air Force used S&W Mod 15 4" for years. I have my Beretta 92F that I bought just after we went to the 92F plus 3 more that I built from parts. I ran across some frames at a Gun Show that were used as Laser training firearms. I have 4 more but not enough parts to build them. Of course I have several 1911's that I love. M1 carbines but they have been sporterized with thumb-hole Fagen stocks. One in 30 cal and the other in 5.7 mmj. Three M1 Garand's s, an 03A3. That's all I can think of now..:happy:
I prefer rifles. Remington varmint 308, 22-250 2 favorite summer long range woodchucks. Nothing quite beats a warm Sunday afternoon laying out in a fresh cut hay field.. Where I live in NYS cant use rifles during deer season so have bolt action handguns. Several 1911s 1 very favorite is a Kimber ultra. I do shoot the 44mags alot Ruger SA back up hunting deer. The desert eagle for fun and recoil control. My most versatile varmint is a Rock RiverAR15A4 varmint 20" last year 270 yard shot in coyotes ear (stopped standing). I like that gun for running coyotes out to a couple hundred yds. The gun safe is full of fun stuff. Thousands of rounds of 45acp, 308, and gaining on .223.

Do want a couple more AR's need to buy before Nov. Need to buy enough components for LOTS of reloads. Got to get 5000+ rds of .223. Just to make sure I have enough if the worst happens.
Veterans and Guns Status Report.

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