Who is Barack Obama?


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I know some folks who are fed up with our failing and untrustworthy government. They are looking for change.
I know I am! I'm attempting to encourage thought on change and what it will mean so I started a web page called Who is Barack Obama?
I'm making the page because my conservative sister in L.A. doesn't realize what kind of change Obama stands for and I think many people feel disenfranchised from either the Bush Admin. , the congress, or both so they want change.

However, if your not involved in politics like gun owners are you may just continue your day to day life figuring your vote doesn't count and politics will always be the same. Obama stands for change-- so why not?

Its these kind of folks I'm trying to go after who don't know about Obama's connections and ideology.

Who is Barack Obama?

I agree. There are a lot of things not going well right now. Obama wants to bring about change. Trouble is it will be change from bad to worse.
I got this directly off cnn

We now see Gov. Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign trying to stir the pot by invoking William Ayers, a 1960s radical who was a major figure in the Weather Underground, a group that bombed the Pentagon and committed other unspeakable acts of terrorism against their own country.

Palin has been hammering home the point on the campaign trail that Obama and Ayers were friends, "palling around" the Windy City, even though the Weather Underground committed these crimes when Obama was just a child. And never mind the fact that Ayers and Obama were involved in a multimillion-dollar education grant that was funded by a right-wing Republican, media magnate Walter Annenberg. Do you hear any of them castigating this late Republican pillar?

The McCain camp, along with their right-wing media comrades, want to convince you that Obama should not have decided to serve with Ayers, who was named the Citizen of the Year in Chicago in 1987 for his education work, and who is a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Now, if someone was seen as an acceptable figure by business, political and education figures, many of whom support both Democrats and Republicans, should Obama be faulted for sitting on a board with the guy?

What I find to be more deplorable is to hear McCain advisers say they want to turn the page to anything but the issue number one -- the economy.

If that kind of talk is coming from the camp of a guy who wants to be president, then that is something to be afraid of -- not a candidate's association with Ayers, or Thurmond, Helms or Byrd.
Not even worth noting that he is surrounded by socialist. He will give change if there is any left in your pocket.:mad:
He is always talking about change. Changefor the sake of change is not good. Some shnage we don't need. Obama is a rabid gun-grabber who would shred the Second Amendment by trotting out that tired old political saying, "Protect the Children." Anytime you hear a politician say protect the children, he wants to take something away from you, and make it sound PC by invoking the image of children being better off because of the change. How does Joe Biden feel, with all his years in the Senate, being asked to be second banana to someone who has all of 143 days in the Senate? I know I would be highly insulted.

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