While browsing a local pawnshop...


God Bless Our Troops!!!
While browsing a local pawnshop...

My wife took interest in a NAA revolver in .22magnum

She also was quite curious about a number of pocket .22 semi autos

Gotta love that girl!:biggrin:

Yep. My wife enjoys going to the range, but hasn't really gotten to the point of choosing her own guns yet.

Regarding the .22Magnums, I have a 6'2", 280+ pound co-workerwho is enfatuated with them. He has one 9mm he really doesn't like and a whole bunch of the .22Magnums that he loves.
I have a NAA .22 magnum and think it's a great little gun. Wouldn't consider it as a primary carry weapon but it does conceal where no others can.
If that's what it takes to get her to the range, and possibly shoot and carry something more suitable for self defense, even if it's a .380, then it's a good thing. Keep up the good work.
J-Frame airweight

I am a stong proponent of women who carry. However, we have to make sure that the power floor is met when we send our loved ones packing. The .380 is the absolute minimum I will carry, but my wife appropriately suggested I carry a smaller version of my duty pistol. The nice part about that, is that my toy collection keeps growing.

I like the idea of getting her the .22 mag, but it would be nice to find a matching (same model / type) pistol in a .38 spl. Just my .02
While browsing

You can say what you will about those tiny guns and about the policies of any police department. I guarantee you that if the two officers in the famous Onion Field case had had an NAA .22 LR on him, the outcome would have been completely different.
If the price is right go for it, the gun has a lifetime guarantee, but is known for a trigger spring that has been known to fail if used extensively.

Also make sure the gun has the .22 LR cylinder included, as several variations come with both the .22 mag and LR cylinder.

Mine is a hoot to shoot, and is remarkably accurate for a gun with a 1" or less barrel. I load my Mag cyl with the CCI shot shells when I m in the desert as a quick short range but effective snake round.

Also there is a half rest in point on the cyl for the hammer so the gun can be carried with all 5 rounds safely.
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