What would you do if you saw someone jump off of a bridge


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This has nothing at all to do with guns but thought it was interesting. What would you do if you saw someone jump from a bridge? This is not a suicide type bridge but I don't care to jump off of it. :no:

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (Map, News) -
When drivers on a stretch of South Carolina interstate saw someone jump off a bridge, they called 911, fearing they were watching a suicide. Instead, multiple media outlets reported Thursday that the callers were just watching Lyle Silkwood jump from the Interstate 26 bridge into the Saluda River near Columbia to meet a passing friend in a boat after his truck ran out of gas.

Firefighters, paramedics and rescue boats searched the river for more than an hour.

Authorities finally figured out what was going on when they ran the license tag on the truck and called Silkwood's home. He answered and told them what happened.

Authorities said they spoke to Silkwood about the incident and he was able to get some gas and drive off in his truck.

Depends on what bridge.... 50' call 911, they are alive, Mackinaw bridge still call 911 but they are dead......

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