What gun does your preacher shoot

I know the pastor of our church hunts and is into handguns but I too have never talked with him on what he uses.
My pastor does not have a 50 BMG but he has many others. He's even had instructors come in and hold CCW classes at the church. This weekend a bunch of the men are going to spend the day at the range!

Woooooohooooooo can not wait til Saturday!
On one outting with a group of church kids a pastors van broke broke down in my yard. I told them to load up in my van and I would get them home. While driving through a forest some of the boys started to spot deer with a light. I told them I was armed and it was not a good idea to spot while armed. The pastor laughed and said he also had a 44mag with him. Good pastor.
What would Jesus shoot? I'm thinking an AK. Simple and easy to keep working in the dusty environment he lived in. Plenty of penetration to go through Roman armor.
I know my preacher likes guns, but I have never really sat down and talked to him about it. I don't believe he has a 50BMG though. I thought you guys might enjoy this article. I hope so.


Ours is learning about guns. His 12 year old son is one of my Scouts and he loves guns. His dad has been shooting with his son and is considering a .22 for Christmas for his son.

And so spreads the word, one person at a time.

my outlaw father ( the difference between inlaws and outlaws are ..... outlaws are wanted :p so i refer to them as the outlaws ) is a preacher, but being from the land o the canooks, only shoots long gun, and shotty. no pistol for him.

I have an offer he will take me up on to fire the pistols when he comes down next. He is in for a little treat !

i don't think my old pastor even has one. time to move! the question reminds me of that great mel gibson movie "The Patriot". where the pastor gets his gun and gear and says " sometimes the shephard has to fight to defend his flock." AMEN. The Lord would probably use a AK. I agree with ishi. or , perhaps He would use THE FORCE.....!

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