WBIR in Knoxville looks at handgun permits


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They have reviewed all the TN handgun permits. I am not sure how I feel about this, but at least they didn't print our names and addresses.

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Interesting. The article seems completely neutral, only stating facts about what demographics are likely to have a permit. They made no conclusions whatsoever.

Just good science and reporting here, no agenda. How unusual. :rolleyes:
That's true, Ishi, but it's a little unnerving considering the behavior of newspapers in areas such as Ohio. All it takes is one reporter with an agenda, coupled with some drive for achievement, for my name & address to be in circulation.
That sounds like a good supreme court test - sue the government for allowing invasion of privacy for only exercising your rights. Library checkout records aren't public, neither should be lists of CCWers.
I had no idea this was public record until I read this. While I really don't care if someone knows I have a permit, I have a real problem with my address being accessible to the public. A few years ago the TN pharmacists database had addresses posted on the internet. Some pharmacists had people waiting for them when they got home. I don't really know what happened. Pretty scary.
The Kansas Press Assn. tried to get their hands on our list but the state legislature passed a law to close these records to all but LEO and the Atty. Gen.
As I understand it, the Sherriff in Lebanon, TN, at one time published all the names of current permit holders in Wilson County. He created a very angry group of people. Glad I didn't live there.

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