Washington State Law or Run around????


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I am new to the forum and I was recently arrested because a female made some false statements about me to the police. My Smith and Wesson .40 M & P Compact was taken from me. The judge in my bail hearing ordered me to surrender my CCW and any weapons pending the outcome of the trial. On the day of trial all charges were dismissed by the prosecutor when he saw that her story kept changing. I have owned my gun for over three years and had my CCW for just as long and I have never been in trouble before.

I went in to get my CCW back and they told me that because i turned it in, it was considered revoked and I would have to wait 1 year to get another. They also said if I want to appeal it I need a letter from a Judge stating that I am able to have a CCW. They ran my name on the State data base and it showed that I could own both a gun and CCW. The Washington Department of Licensing told records I can't have one because I surrendered it making it revoked.

Does anyone know what I should do and if i am getting the run around?

I will make sure to keep everyone up to date on the situation. I really want to know if there really is a law here like that because I cant seem to find it in the RCW.
Just get all the necessary paper work that they require from the judge, and start there. You should be able to get the numbers you need, so you can get everything you need. If they still refuse you, then hire a lawyer.

Dept of liscensing has nothing to do with it. State patrol an LESA are the Agencies that need the proper paper work to get your permit back.If you put yourself in argument situations with an angry woman, this could continue to happen.I'd just stay away or just don't talk to her.

My Older brother lost his Rights and guns for a year.With the paperwork from the judge stating everything was taken care of, and clear, He got everything back. Save your money on a Lawyer, until you try taking care of the paperwork they are asking for. Good Luck.
Glad it worked out for you. I have heard horror stories about the court system, LEO, and D.O.L. here once something happens that even remotely affects your CPL.

Originally, I think the judge asked you to voluntarily turn in your CPL, because it sure doesn't seem to meet the grounds for revocation of a CPL. Revocation of a CPL happens because of CONVICTIONS, not arrests. Of course, I am sure when you hear it from the judge at the time it did not sound like a voluntary request that you could say no to. :mad:

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