US-321 and Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Red Hat

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I'm planning a trip to Gatlinburg at the end of the month and want to stay out of the Park. The map shows US-321 from I-40 running right on the edge of the Park. Is this good road to carry on or does it penetrate the park at any point? Thanks!

If I am not mistaking you should be fine. Obviously, Gatlinburg is not in the national park. If you go to the end of the strip you will enter the park. Also, some of the side roads off the strip will take you into the park. I have gone down 321 many times and have never seen a sign saying you are entering the national forest. Have Fun!
The last time I was on 321 it was a good road Red Hat, but thats been awhile,, Have fun in Gatlinburg,,,,,,,,,,,
Thanks for the info. You can never be too careful especially when your Constitutional Rights are at stake!;)

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