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Here's a good example of the kind of invasive policing we can look forward to if we follow the UK's "enlightened" policies...

To stop what they call "Gun and knife crime" (otherwise known as "violence"), the police now have the power to "stop and search" folks as they see fit. The reasoning appears to be thus: If you single out black people and search them with no probable cause, you can find which ones carry dangerous weapons, thus reducing violence! People certainly wouldn't carry weapons for self-defense, because there's no violence in the UK!,,2196028,00.html

Then, despite having the most invasive police powers and most omnipresent police surveillance in the industrialized world, the UK still finds plenty of time to criticize the US for its' "gun culture".

Thanks limeys, but I'll keep my gun and you can keep the CCTV cameras up your rectums.

ishi out!


I'd like to respond, but I'm without words, Ish. It's amazing. Incredible. We're running out of options, and the only choice we're going to be left with is becoming "criminals" ourselves to protect our very lives, not only from the BG's, but from the Government who'd take away our ability to present an adequate defense.

Maybe the idea is to make us so defenseless we have to turn to/become dependent upon the Government for our protection. That way we're obliged to suck at Washington's teat for ALL of our, medical attention, etc.... and become exactly what we hate! Diabolical Bastids!
Wait a minute

Ok the article says "to reduce the number of shootings that have claimed the lives of another two teenagers in the past week." But I thought the bans and strict guns laws in the UK were going to be the end all too ALL gun violence?!?!?!

Also, I would love to know the story behind the killing of these 2 teenagers. Were they law abiding citizens, disarmed by their government, and killed by criminals illegaly using guns while committing a crime? Or maybe both parties were criminals that had a "disagreement" and used there illegal guns to come to an "agreement". Either way the gun laws have done nothing to protect the law abiding or detour the criminals from breaking the law. Surprise Surprise!

I won’t even start on the stop and search issue.
My question: after the random stops and searches finally put an end to "gun and knife crime", will they start random rectal cavity searches to put an end to the resulting wave of "rock and blunt instrument crime"?

I don't know the answer, but I'm about ready to lay some "knee to the groin" crime on morons who think outlawing inanimate objects will stop crime.
Disarm all the population and make us all safe. The moral fiber of this country is gone. The only hope at this point is a moral recurgence and self government .
I don't know the answer, but I'm about ready to lay some "knee to the groin" crime on morons who think outlawing inanimate objects will stop crime.

+1 ishi! If a person wants to do you harm....... Guess what, its going to happen (Well, if they can make it through my 8 rounds of .45ACP). Be it with gun, knife, bat, club, rock, fist, boot, frying pan, ect. Its not the object its the person.

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