Traveling through Canada to Alaska


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Need some experienced info about this. My eldest is leaving for Ft. Wainwright in Alaska and has to drive through "no gun" Canada. I know you can carry a sporting rifle and shotgun(encased/locked of course)into Canada to hunt with but should he be leery of transporting his sporting arms/pistols through? Does he need some kind of paper work ahead of time or contact the Mounties? Thanks for any info. Am sure he will be doing his homework but surely do not want any surprises for him. My second son will be riding with him and has quite a collection of arms. Would surely hate to see them lose any to some wired up inspector.


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They are in NC/Montana at present and do not have an address there to send them. Shipping them may not be doable. I could easily ship my oldest's but when my "montana" son leaves he needs to take everything with him.

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I think the best idea would be to make contact with the FFL closest to their town (in Alaska), and see what he recommends. It's quite possible that they offer some sort of receiving and storage service for just this kind of situation. If not - they will have advice on the matter at least.

Best to go into Canada NOT bearing arms. Saves paperwork.


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Best to go into Canada NOT bearing arms. Saves paperwork.

Not to mention time, money, jail, loss of guns etc. Canada is not handgun friendly and I suggest you contact the RCMP as has been mentioned for details.

A good place to start:

Firearm Users Visiting Canada

There are three classes of firearms in Canada:

• Non-restricted (most common rifles and shotguns): These may generally be imported for purposes such as hunting, protection from wild animals in remote wilderness areas where firearms are allowed, or target-shooting. They may also be taken in transit through Canada by a reasonably direct route.

•Restricted: (longer-barreled handguns, some types of long guns) These are allowed for certain purposes, such as target shooting at an approved club or range, but they are not allowed for hunting or self protection.

• Prohibited: (shorter-barreled handguns, automatic weapons) These cannot be brought into Canada.

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