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A lot of us have noted that there are ever-greater numbers of folks applying for and receiving CWPs. All for the good, of course, but we are also seeing an increasing number of mishaps (leaving weapons around, negligent discharges, questionable shoots, etc.) and many of us have noted that increased training is needed beyond what is necessary to obtain the CWP.

Ok, this might be a dumb idea (I've had 'em before) but what about an "elite" (for lack of a better term) organization of CWP holders who have taken and continue to take formal defensive and tactical training. This might draw more favorable write-ups from the press, alleviate the public concern about the increasing number of weapons around, and encourage CWP holders to take training in order to belong to this "elite" group. Could also be the start of that "armed militia" we all discuss (and which might be needed sometime in the future). Of course, we would also expect better weapon handling and increased safety to occur as a result of this.

Dumb or what?

Not dumb at all but I don't know how practical. Who gets to decide what qualifies as elite? I know of several states that have tried to regulate martial arts and have requirements like you have to be a 4th degree black belt to own a school. The problem with that is who decides what needs to be done in order to qualify as a 4th degree. How about I promote you if you promote me and then we can open a school?

I also don't believe that the mainstream press in this country will ever join the words of handgun ownership, elite, and good idea together but maybe I'm just jaded and cynical. :sarcastic:
It doesn't matter what we do, the press will always hate us. However, if we work towards forming local and national clubs for the purpose of increasing training, I would join up. Anything that gets people better trained is a good idea.

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