Thumb-break in holster; poining up or down?


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*ALL* the holsters that have seen have the titch-button's flap/thumb-break pointing up. One has to push it down with the thumb for it to disengage and then draw the handgun up.


Why don't we have thumb breaks pointing down? Won't it be easier to draw? One swift draw in one action! Grip the grip, break open the button with your thumb and PULL!


I am sure that there are pretty valid and practical reasons for it to be in the present form, pointing up, necessitating the two stage action. Only, I am unable to see them.

I have seen a beauti, Tom Collins with the thumb break pointing down. Do I buy it or ask them to change it? They are going to make a custom one for me without the metal IWB clip, anyway.

An early response would be highly appreciated as I am going to buy it on Monday when they make the one-off piece for me.



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I would think breaking the thumb release by driving down when acquiring a grip would be faster and more reliable than trying to pull a flap after acquiring a grip.

Same logic as carrying a 1911. Much faster and more reliable to push the thumb safety down than to pull the hammer back.

You should go to a gun shop with a good holster selection, try out the push down thumb break. Then, try an uncle Mikes that uses a pull style strap, and see which you prefer. I don't think a pull style thumb release will work like you are imagining it will.

All the new plastic sodding loaded hoods/thumb breaks that I have seen are push down, or push away as well.


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With a properly designed "upward pointing" thumb release, the thumb activates/releases the snap as the grip is acquired. That means only a simple grip and pull.

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