The Girl Scouts' new radicalism


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Just another example of how far off course we have gone in this country.

But getting back to being anti-God, there is the matter of the "Covenant of the Goddess." It's a Wiccan website which, among other things, describes their awards program. There's the "Over the Moon Award" for ages 8-11 and the "Hart and Crescent Award" for ages 12-18. The awards are offered "to any young person...who is a member of any nature-oriented religion (Wicca, Druid, Asatru, Native American, etc.)." What does this have to with the Girl Scouts? The Girl Scouts recognize these awards, which may be worn on the Girl Scout uniform.

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that is weird....also... for our area of the country they are asking for all who volunteer to submit to background checks (not a bad idea), phone number and address and permission to talk to neighbors (well, i guess thats pretty cool), all past employers(to check your attendances?), criminal back ground check (OK, i guess for theft and other things), credit check (again, i guess if your going to be handling the cookie money)....but all together it's the new "politically correct" things to do. (invasion of privacy and they do tend to loose that information and who has that information can easily steal your identiy.)
My wife HAD been a troop leader (14 years) and done many other things to help out since she "retired" a few years ago...but not this year, not anymore.
Don't get me wrong, she has very fond memorise and has even been invited to weddings from girls that where in her troop a decade ago and has seen a few of those girls become moms and had their daughters in her troop. But these "changes" will not end and it's just getting to leftiest for many of the women who joined girl scouts as children and as adults became leaders. It was the american thing to do, something to help empower and show young ladies about life, friendship and good american christian it's been corrupted, made foul and stinks of politics.
Personally, I'm waiting for their "other life styles" badge to come on line.... hasn't happend yet, but give it time.
Radicalism is nothing new to the Girl Scouts. I stopped contributing to them and any charity organization that contributed to them many, many years ago when they went publicly anti-gun.
Sure, I realize that they have the right to run their organization the way the best see fit, but why should it subject girls this young to such overtly political ways of thinking? What ever happened to the core mission of the organization, which is decidedly nonpolitical?

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