Thanks, Y'all!


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Future Fellow South Carolinians...

I wanted to take a minute and thank ALL y'all for your wonderful hospitality during our visit last week to your Beautiful, Delightful State. We spent all last week in and around the Greenville area, where we bought some property about 20 months ago. We had 5 magnificently glorious days of beautiful weather. We were (once again) treated to the company of the nicest, most pleasant, friendliest people I have ever had the joy to bump into. We pretty much settled on a builder, and we're looking forward to inching along toward our goal of becoming South Carolina residents!

It cannot happen fast enough to suit me, and I think the Mrs. is rapidly losing her last vestiges of patience with "The Garden State" as well.

While I am sure I didn't get to meet any of you, personally, I met your contemporaries and neighbors, and they've been a great example for all of you . . . ALL y'all!

Thank you for helping restore my faith in the value of people.

See you soon!

Another yankee pulling a U-Haul striking fear into the hearts of all Southerns.

At least you sound excited about moving down here and if you are as nice as my next door neighbor who moved from New Joisey things will be fine. Welcome to the Sunny and Hot South.
Well, you should have stopped by or at least called, for sure.

We could have done breakfast.... Eggs, grits and country ham

or Lunch (used to be called dinner).... fried chicken, mashed taters with gravey, greens and most important; fresh picked and sliced 'maters.

Welcome, and just be warned of the one thing we 'natives' don't like.... hearing about how much better it was up where you came from.

I'm about as 'native' as you can get... born and raized here and my ancestors are in two groups... one side came in on the first boat to Charleston... the other was on the shore watching them arrive.
Glad you had a good time in the state and you definitely could not have picked a better state to move. Now we have to work on your accent.....
Greenville is really a great place. I could not imagine living anywhere else. Glad to you liked it, and look forward to your move! :)
Well, you know what they say about good cheese...

"It ain't good unless it smells like a sweaty low country woman."

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