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Its a true blessing to live and instruct in Iowa.

I travel through and instruct in many other states outside of Iowa and I am always fond of the fact that when I "come home" I know I have the ability to not worry about many things when in other states especially the SIGNS ARE LAW enactments.

The fact that SIGNS ARE NOT LAW in Iowa with the exception of the usual government buildings, schools/school buses, casinos, state fair grounds etc. is something we must insure doe not ever get taken away.

While traveling back to Colorado to instruct this past weekend it was depressing to have to share with students that the very law that likely helped the Aurora Shooting incident occur is the very law that is ONCE AGAIN back in place.

After the Aurora Incident (sometime in September) the law changed to where SIGNS ARE NOT LAW and from that time through to Feb of 2012 Colorado residents had more peace and tranquility knowing they could carry in places that were normally off limits if not apart of the carry legislation.

I am not certain the logic in why it was brought back but its now once again in FULL FORCE and once again those in Colorado or traveling in it are being forced to keep their self defense tools out of places that post NO GUNS or WEAPONS FREE ZONES.

In Iowa...I have the RIGHT to overlook posted signs in most places that may have them up as long as they are not ones in legislation as guaranteed weapons free zones.

That means whether I am at a gas station, bank or any other building that is not sanctioned as off limits by legislation but still posts the sign I have the choice to either not do business there OR do business there and not worry about any repercussions.

Now, if your ever asked to LEAVE that is another story and of course one would have to leave or get a trespassing charge regardless of whether its because you carry or otherwise.

If you conceal carry no one should ever know anyway but of course accidental printing etc. may cause someone to notice or if your like me I OPEN CARRY 95% of the time anyway.

Its tactically more sound and faster than having to draw from concealment and I also don't care what others may think if it offends them that I carry.

Protecting myself and family is my first priority as no one else is able to do so with immediate efficiency as we all know response times are in the minutes when attacks take seconds.

I am very thankful to be in the wonderful State of Iowa where at this time I can walk freely into most buildings even with a sign posted because my right is NOT being infringed over and over by additional restrictions that some other states may impose.

Please remember that if your in a County that DOES have restrictions that contradict the STATE legislation its likely an ILLEGAL ordinance.

Be mindful that even though some illegal ordinances are in some counties its a tough line to determine whether to follow STATE or County laws when one is LAW and the other is preference made into law.

Be blessed and thank God you live in Iowa!

Well said! I live in Iowa too, have my permit to carry, and waiting on my Glock 17 as my choice of CCW. This is a great state for us to exercise our rights!
Let's hope it stays that way!!!! but I do agree, I do like the laws here more than Ohio as well, my home state, and of course where I lived after getting out of the Navy, San Diego California... LOVE the weather, HATE the crap!!!
I live on a farm in NE Iowa and am thankful to live in a state where most still value individual liberty. But be aware that there has been anti gun legislation introduced in the Senate this week. It most likely will not pass the the House or be signed by the governor; but the danger is still there. There are a lot of liberals in the legislature from urban areas. Watch the Iowa Firearms Coalition website for legislative updates and be ready for action.

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