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  • Hi all I'm from Iowa I'm nobody important, but thiers a song I think that is important I like and I feel is important to me, listen to the song tell me what you think it's on you tube a video called some nights by fun, check it out let me know your thoughts
    I don't live in Iowa, We live in Texas and our TX Parks and Wildlife Department just voted (and it passed) on allowing the use of Suppressors for Hunting. It is legal to own a Suppressor in Texas. We manufacture Suppressors as well as other NFA weapons. Check out our website:

    Good luck on your State allowing Suppressors.

    The Gun Trust does not allow you to own any NFA items that is illegal for you to posses in your state. For instance, in Washington you can own a silencer and AOW. You cannot own a SBR or Full-Auto. So, the only thing I can buy and place into the trust is a silencer and AOW.
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