Texas Sinkhole Becomes Lake


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Our sinkhole that I posted about a couple weeks back is growing almost as fast as the national debt. At this rate it may become bigger that the Great Lakes.

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Texas Sinkhole Becomes Lake
Crater Began As 20-Foot Hole

POSTED: 9:50 am CDT May 17, 2008

DAISETTA, Texas -- A giant Texas sinkhole that formed last week is now a lake so big it's become home to an alligator.

Residents of the southeast Texas town of Daisetta think the gator was washed into the 600-foot-diameter crater by water from surrounding swamps.

The Houston Chronicle reported ground water is seeping into the hole. Its exposed walls are now about 30 feet high.

A Texas wildlife official said a patch of crude oil floating on one side of the hole could irritate the gator's skin. However, the reptile is using the water on the other side.

The official warned that the hole could start growing again and said "it's not really safe" for anyone to climb in to get anything out.

The crater in the small southeast Texas town near Houston began as just a 20-foot hole.

Last week, a highway near the sinkhole closed because the sinkhole had gobbled up everything in its path.

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It's actually rather ironic. All these years y'all been wishing California would fall into the Pacific and now Texas is working on becoming Oklahoma's southern coast...:boom06:
Only 22 miles to go. That's nothing.


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