Telescoping steel baton


The answer is state specific. Some locations view them as a lethal weapon. As far as baton training vs Arnis/Kali, if you have learned the control techniques as well as the striking techniques you should be good to go. With a baton you really need to know what you are doing because it requires you to be up close and personal, and it is easy to seriously hurt or kill someone if misapplied. Having said that, a baton is an excellent weapon if you know how to use it-very versatile! It can be used for strikes to hard or soft targets, leverages, take-downs, and come-along holds.


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I've bent several of the cheap telescopic batons. If u trust your life to it, buy quality. Asp or monadnock

Even if it's bent it is better than nothing. (after 1st strike)

If you don't smack it on the telescopic joint, why would it bend?

This is a back-up item, not the sole defense item/system. (to me)
I have trained with the ASP. The training was intense and it culminated with a lethal, potentially life-threatening attack by a trainer in a red man suit. This is not a toy, you can't get your training on the internet, and it's not something cool to carry around as a backup. I don't carry an ASP anymore but I still have my certification card because passing the course was quite an accomplishment. Stick with what you know...

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