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What is the best method to carry in the hot summer month of Las Vegas or Arizona? What is your gun of choice?

Here in FL (similar) I just go with my 1911 in a Galco IWB. Works fine for me as long as the cant angle is correct... but I'll soon have my Sig P238 paid off and if it proves reliable, it will have a very good summer role. :)
As much as I really do not care for them sometimes in really hot climates a fanny pack is the best choice.
I carry the same way, summer or winter. LCP weak side front pocket.

I don't like IWB carry particularly and I don't like dressing around my weapon by buying a larger pant size.

I also have no problem with a .380 as my CCW, so this works for me.
Prefered Carry gun

I prefer the Springfield XD 45 Compact, and a blackhawk holster strong side with an unbuttoned over shirt. I try to carry as far back on my hip as I can stand.

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