SS Taurus M85 5 Shot .38 Special +P Revolver??


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I am thinking about shooting up all of my .357 Mag ammo and trading my EAA Windicator with all six of my speedloaders towards a Stainless Steel Taurus M85 .38 Special +P 5 shot revolver.

I would like to carry this in a pocket or as a ankle gun with either a Taurus PT145.45 ACP(12 round 24/7 mags).

Anyone have or carry one of these?


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I have carried both a steel frame .38/.357 and an air weight .38 +P. I have carried the air weight in an ankle holster and found it to work well. The steel frame revolver was just too heavy. I have carried the light weight revolver in my pocket and have found it to be a little too bulky. Again, the steel frame .38/.357 was too heavy for pocket carry for me. For pocket carry I use a small, light weight, well broken in semi-auto in 9 mm.


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Taurus M85

I've carried the original version (with hammer) of the Taurus M85 since 1994. It's comfortable, lightweight, low profile and reliable. It's a comfortable carry.

I also carry the PT145. Love my Taurus hand guns.


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I had one and found it to be reliable and very easy to conceal (mine had the bobbed hammer).
I promised my daughter that if she got her CC I would give her a handgun, well guess which one she picked......
If I didn't have complete faith in this weapon, she would not have gotten it.


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Have one in my pocket right now. I carry it to work everyday and no one is the wiser. Carry it in a Desantis Nemeses holster. Loaded with Remington +P 125 Gr. SJHP. After approx. 200 rds. of +P, the gun has been flawless. Just ordered a wolf spring kit for it. Thinking of bobbing the hammer. I'm sure you'll love it.

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